7 Swè pou 7 Jiyè

    Men 7 Swè Anbasadè Marli pou 7 Jiyè, Jounen Rekonsilyasyon Nasyonal. Yon degi!

    7 Jiyè Jounen Rekonsilyasyon Nasyonal

    7 Jiyè – Jounen Rekonsilyasyon Nasyonal

      Mezanmi, jodi a kè m kontan anpil, nou finalman g on dat pou Jounen Rekonsilyasyon Nasyonal la. Dat la se setyèm jou nan mwa jiyè. Kòmanse depi ane sa a, sèt jiyè se yon jou pou padon ak rekonsilyasyon an Ayiti. E se yon jou pou tout pitit peyi a ki deyò, rantre lakay.

      Kids make slime

      I Stand With Haiti Celebration 2019

        Join us as we continue on with this tradition to Honor, Remember and Unite for Haiti. Let’s celebrate as we help build a stronger, better community for our children here and in Haiti.

        Zumba for Haiti 1.12.2019

        Zumba For Haiti 1.12.19

          Come Zumba for Haiti, it’s a great way to start the year with friends and family. Register now!

          Create better leaders for Haiti

          Create Doers For Haiti

            We need doers, people who will create opportunities in Haiti not only for themselves but for others.It’s evident that our children are being raised with a consumer mindset and unfortunately even the few with opportunities and abilities are being raised in the same way. Let’s change that!