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21000gd Pou W Fete 7 Jiyè

    21,000gd pou ede w fete #7Jiyè, #JounenRekonsilyasyonNasyonal la. Ou sèlman bezwen fè yon videyo pou eksplike kòman w swete selebre LAPÈ ak TÈT-ANSANM nan zòn ou ye a ane sa.

    Haitian-Americans for Reconciliation

    Haitian-Americans for Reconciliation

      The best way for Haitian-Americans to defend and help Haiti is to UNITE Haiti. Division kept many of you from knowing your motherland, your history and even your own family. Haiti can’t go on like this. It’s time to help our people forgive one another, reconcile and start the healing of our nation

      10th Annnual I Stand With Haiti Celebration

      10th Annual I Stand with Haiti Celebration

        Now, more than ever, Haiti needs us to stand by her. Please Join us on Saturday, January 11, 2020 as we continue on with this tradition to HONOR, REMEMBER and UNITE for Haiti. Let’s celebrate as we help build a stronger, better community for our children here and in Haiti.