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the reconciliation campaign

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Reconciliation day July 7

Let's Unify Haiti

The best way to HELP Haiti is to UNITE Haiti. Progress in Haiti will only come through UNITY. It’s time to help people forgive, reconcile and start the healing of our nation. We owe it to ourselves and future generations. Let’s inspire Haitians to love each other/themselves, love their country and love life.

Give a little love today

We can all use a little love. Go ahead Give a little love today, you might get a whole lot back! 

Reconciliation Day, July 7, is a day when Haitians all over take a moment to reflect, reunite and rejoice in honor of forgiveness, love and peace. It’s a day to reach out to someone who needs you, misses you or perhaps someone YOU misunderstood or SOMEONE who misunderstood you. 

No Forgiveness no peace

Conflict Resolution 

Equip for unity

Reconciliation Campaign activity in Haiti

Here are some of the materials you can download today to share with the school children or schools you support, your church or organization, your neighbors and youth you have access to in your community. You can also order Unity T-Shirts

We also create and offer valuable educational and inspirational materials to spread around. We encourage Haitians to forgive and make peace with their neighbor, their language and themselves. We promote love and togetherness because we know we can make history and change the world, when we unite.

conflict resolution education in Haiti
The Color of Hope Bird

Haitian-Americans for Reconciliation

What if I told you there is something you could do to not only make our ancestors proud but future generations. Something that will help Haiti flourish and The best part of it, it will not cost you a dime. I know free is good, right?

Play Video about Haitian-Americans for Reconciliation photo

The full Story


We all know the saying “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.” Replace the word house with country and you have Haiti. Sadly, our country has been crumbling under the weight of division, animosity and jealousy, that have condemned generation after generation to self-destruction. This has become undeniable in the recent shameful and brutal assassination of Haiti’s 43rd president, Jovenel Moise, July 7th of 2021. This heinous crime against the nation was spurred by the hatred and division fomented for years within our culture.

The Hope team recognized the threat of division in our society and most importantly how deeply rooted it had become. To us, it’s been clear that the breaking apart of our nation starts in our Haitian families that bitterly feud, despise and harm each other over even minor disputes. And unfortunately hate spills through every layer and crevice of our society. From the classroom to the open air market, through our neighborhoods and even at the heart of our churches. The eye for an eye philosophy reigns and the higher the stakes such as in media and politics, the lower we allow ourselves to fall in the name of hate and envy.

In 2018 our team raised these issues publicly in a way that challenged every Haitian to take an honest account of the damage division rendered in their personal lives as well as within their community and country. We launched the Campaign for Peace and Reconciliation in Haiti (Kanpay Rekonsilyasyon Nasyonal) which is pivotal for our nation’s prosperity. Early in 2019, following a public survey, we agreed on July 7th as the date to celebrate peace and reconciliation yearly, and launched a petition, widely supported by Haitians in and out of Haiti, to make it an official holiday.

Contrary to what some would believe, we find it emboldening that one of the most heinous and violating crimes against our nation’s dignity and posterity was committed on that very day, three years later. We see it as emblematic that evil is hard at work trying to suppress good and cheat us out of the fundamental ingredients we need to succeed as a nation, peace and togetherness. But we have not and will not flinch in this campaign and in fact this day has become even more significant. We will never forget the trauma and carnage hate and division have brought upon us as we continue to move our people closer to one another, to love and forgive each other in the spirit of courage and unity upon which we owe our freedom.

Reconciliation Cam Bernage

With a bit of creativity, everyone can contribute

We need you to be a part of the transformation through peace and reconciliation in Haiti. Do not stay on the sidelines, whatever it is, however you can, contribute. You can make a donation or use your creativity to come up with ideas, and materials that will help plant seeds of love, forgiveness and unity in our country.


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