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Mental Evolution



A mindset reset that softens hearts and transforms

A Mental Revolution

Since the birth of our nation, our people have been made to deny their originality, revile their brethren and reject their very own language.  Mindset Reset is a way to honor our ancestors’ incredible sacrifice and finish what they started. Our ancestors freed us physically, now it’s our turn to free our mind

Let's solve Haiti's #1 problem

Surveys show Haitians agree that the mindset is our number one problem. WE ARE GOING TO SOLVE IT. Join us in solving Haiti’s number one problem

Mindset Reset

in Progress

Reset Progress

The Mindset Reset  also known as “Rekiltire Ayiti” is a movement that starts with the heart and through the mind to produce hope, compassion and love for self and others. It aims to shift the way Haitians see/think of themselves, others and life. It is especially designed to change Haitians’ attitudes towards one another from competition to cooperation, from despair to HOPE, from distrust to TRUST and From fear to LOVE. 

Reset Activated

The Mindset Reset is activated through our work to re-educate the Haitian heart, mind and soul. We have launched several initiatives to re-culture Haiti such as Educate Haitians for Haiti, using our mother’s tongue as the main vehicle and many more. Take a look below at some of the initiatives we’ve established to activate good-hearted and civic-minded Haitians and inspire a new generation of GOOD HAITIANS.

A Mental Evolution

Educate Haitians for Haiti

Educating Haitians for Haiti is to raise and empower a new generation to love and serve Haiti. Haitians who will find/create opportunities for others and themselves right in Haiti. We aim to educate the mind, heart and soul of every Haitian, so that they know who they truly are, love one another, find pride in their country and proudly work for her progress.

This movement values character, competence and intelligence. Our work is so our people can discover opportunities right where they are.. 

And for those who happen to live outside the country, we want to create a welcoming environment where they can use their knowledge to make their homeland better. #EducateHaitiansfoHaiti #Haitian365

Edike Ayisyen pou Ayiti Moise
Play Video about Rethink Education in Haiti Ambassador Marli

Let's Rethink Education in Haiti

It is truly no wonder that the educated young Haitian transitions out of Haiti in their prime with no compunction.  Before even sitting for the state exam at the conclusion of secondary school, the majority of educated young Haitians are making travel plans.  Saying that the country doesn’t offer opportunity really  doesn’t explain this spontaneous and systematic self-exportation.

Critical thinking

Haiti Reads “Ayiti Li” is an initiative to promote reading and literacy in Haiti’s schools, groups, organizations and homes. The initiative is designed for all ages. It comprises programs designed to build the foundations for critical thinking, robust reading comprehension, and appreciation for subjects such as history, science, technology and math. Ayiti Li aims to develop leadership, creative and social skills through literature. The “Ayiti Li” initiative also includes programs that empower Haitian educators, parents, groups, organizations and schools to be strong partners, supporters and promoters of the initiative.

To Reset Minds

A few more initiatives designed for mindset reset