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Haitian-Americans for Reconciliation

    Hey my Haitian-Americans, I know you really want to help Haiti. You want to see Haiti get better so badly because this is your motherland. A land where the ancestors make you so proud, but unfortunately is in need of help right now. Well, what if I told you there is something you could do to not only make our ancestors proud but future generations. Something that will help Haiti flourish and The best part of it, it will not cost you a dime. I know free is good, right? 

    Well here is the secret, let us give Haiti the gift of peace and reconciliation. I know this may sound underwhelming so let me break it down for you. You know how your parents don’t want you to go to Haiti? Well, the reason is unforgiveness and division. You know you have many cousins you never hear about, that aunt you can’t talk to. The land or property that caused the death of your grand father, grandma, aunt or uncle. 

    Anpil nan nou pa ka ale Ayiti paske nou pè pou dyab fanmi an pa manje nou. Alò menm dyab fanmi an pa byen a fanmi an.  Any way, I had to say this in our mother’s tongue. Somethings can only be discussed among families. 

    This is not to say that those things never happen in America or other societies but in Haiti, they become the norm and we accept them. And the worst part is we’re not doing anything to raise a new generation of people, well… that is until today. You and I will do something to create a more unified Haiti and to do that we have to start with the family which is the foundation of any society.  So what do you say? Let’s unite our people. 

    Reconciliation day is July 7th so get involved. Get engaged in the campaign for reconciliation in Haiti. Our people need us. Let us invest in peace and prosperity for the Haiti you and I Love.

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