We Are The Believers

Those who believe Haiti will change because of our actions

who we are

The community of doers

Color of Hope (C.O.H) is a 501(c)(3) US based organization that works to improve the quality of life of every Haitian. Nan lang manman nou an: Vizyon nou se pou nou amelyore lavi chak grenn Ayisyen.

We envision a better Haiti, a strong Haitian-American and Native Haitian Immigrant community, whose members have power to make decisions about actions and policies that directly affect their lives. We make strides towards obtaining access to a range of social, political, cultural, and economic opportunities in a context of equity and social justice.

Designed to engage

Color of Hope is designed to engage families and communities in Haiti and abroad to come together, plan together, build together, support each other, sustain themselves and finally celebrate their success together. Our programs include TV, radio and social media outreach.

To Raise & empower

To raise and empower the next generation of Haitian leaders by providing access to educational, technological and innovative programs for the youth. Nan lang manman nou an: Misyon nou se pou n kiltive ak ranfòse yon lòt jenerasyon lidè Ayisyen atravè pwogram edikasyonèl, teknolojik ak inovatif pou jèn yo.

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Click links to learn more about our work in Haiti and the U.S.  COH HAITI  |  COH USA

Hope Agent Jean Evans

Haiti needs an unconventional approach

And that is exactly what we are doing. We are taking the road everyone else refuses to take. We are not afraid to do something different.

We can't keep talking

Some people do a lot of talking about Haiti, but we don’t. Haiti needs action. Are you a doer?

Let's Do Something!

You have always wanted to help Haiti. But you don’t know what to do. Well, we are here to help guide you to make a real difference in Haiti.

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