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Travay Vètyè

Our ancestors gave their blood, we sure can give a little sweat

Let’s get to work!

Let's get to work

The battle of Vertière on November 18th 1803 was the final battle that won Haiti its independence against the French colonizers. It is commemorated every year in our country as a National Holiday. We at Color of Hope believe it’s not enough to just celebrate the past, we must look forward, plan for the future and WORK to uphold and honor our ancestors’ heroic sacrifices.

Travay Vètyè is 18 days of patriotic, self-less WORK for Haiti, galvanizing the population with the same spirit of courage and sacrifice upon which we owe our freedom. It starts with 3 days of Social Positivity (Ayiti Sosyalman Pozitif) to uplift and inspire, the first 3 days November 1st, 2nd and 3rd we exhort all Haitians to only post, share and like positive things about Haiti on their social media and for the rest of the period we urge those who can to support Haitian groups on the ground who more often than not critically lack the resources and support to carry-out their mission.

It’s time to work! Join in in Travay Vètyè, 18 days of konbit for our country.

Our ancestors fought for freedom now it’s time for us to work for prosperity. They gave their blood, we sure can give a little sweat.