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Haiti Hope Ambassador Ed Shakespierre

Ambassador Ed Shakespierre

Ambassador Ed Shakespiere is currently the executive director of Telelakaytv.com a 24 hour online tv station. His activism began in 2001 “and that’s all I will say for now,” said Ed Shakespierre. He looks forward to a time when the idea of an organize Haitian Diaspora is no longer a novel idea but one that has been put into practice.


We are the one we have been waiting for. If not now, when? if not us, then who? Haiti needs all of us not later not tomorrow but right now.

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“Si tout koukouy klere pou je yo, kiyes k’ap klere pou koukouy ki pagen je yo?‎‎”

“Our generation is determined to leave a better Haiti than what we found” Hope Ambassador Ed Shakespierre

“Every time I want to say God bless Haiti, I am reminded by God that he has blessed me so I can be a blessing to Haiti” Ed Shakespierre

‎”I believe in the three E’s for Haiti, Education, Energy and Economics” Hope Ambassador Ed Shakespierre

‎”Haiti needs hope and we can help” Hope Ambassador Ed Shakespierre

‎”If you are among those who love Haiti, you should love me because I am Haiti.” Hope Ambassador Ed Shakespierre

‎” We can’t simply play defense, Haiti needs offense.” Hope Ambassador Ed Shakespierre.

‎”We can’t have huge ambitions for Haiti with no money” Hope Ambassador Ed Shakespierre

“My desire, passion and hope is to make Haitians fall in love with Haiti again.” Ed Shakespierre

“We declare war on misery in Haiti” Ed Shakespierre

“Now is the time to invest heavily in education and new technologies. Our idea is to build a competent and more competitive workforce, one that 25 years out will reflect a very different Haiti. Haiti needs and deserves better education initiatives.” Ed Shakespierre

“The notion that Haiti needs a bunch of experts and celebrities is a lack of understanding of our country’s needs. Haiti needs people who care.” Ed Shakespierre

More about Ambassador Ed Shakespierre coming soon

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