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Mindset Reset


are the believers

We believe Haiti will change because we’re working for the change. If you believe as we do, you are already one of us. So take the next step.

Take Creole Back

Let’s take our Creole back! It is time to free our people’s mind by freeing their tongue. Creole must be the official language in Haiti.

For Forgiveness Sake

It's time to help our people forgive and start the healing. We owe it to the next generation. Let's Unite Our people!

Leadership Matters

Building the Leadership Campus is a way to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders to build a better future.

Are You a Giver?

We have been looking for you. Generous people like you make what we do possible. Be one of our generous givers.

Our motto

Hope is everything

This saying captures everything we do and believe in. We believe hope changes everything and can change anything. The one thing  people need most these days is HOPE. Our work is to provide hope that inspires action.

MindSet Reset

The Mindset Reset is a movement that starts with the heart and through the mind to produce hope, compassion and love for self and others. Learn more

Who are we? You ask.

A team of people dedicated to raise and empower the next generation of leaders. Transforming Haitians through a mindset reset. #MentalRevolution

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that make a


We do a lot of little things that we believe make a big difference.

get involved

Ways you can help

Make a donation

Don’t allow what you can’t do to keep you from doing what you can. Give what you can.

Start A Fundraiser

Help fundraise to give us more time and resources to focus on the work we do.

Be a good doer

Join our efforts to give hope and transform hearts and minds to build a better future.

Get to know

more about us

Haiti Programs

We empower communities in Haiti with the skills, resources and mindset to break the cycle of poverty and take charge of their lives and future. We give hope Read More

About Us

A 501(c)(3) organization doing unconventional work that empowers and gives hope to inspire future generations. We are action driven and result-oriented. More About Us

USA Programs

Innovative programs that tenderly bridge the flagrant social divide amongst our families and more importantly their relationship to the ever-widening American society. Read More

Technology is a must for Haiti

We truly believe technology can help improve the quality of life in Haiti and we are doing something about it.

Tech for Education in Haiti

We are using the power of technology to improve access and quality of education in Haiti. Making learning fun and exciting for the youth.

Improve Digital literacy in Haiti

Providing communities in Haiti with technology resources, training and creative opportunities. We aim to improve access, skills and the education individuals need to take part in the information age.

Stand with Haiti

I Stand with Haiti

A show of solidarity and a commitment to continue to work for Haiti no matter the circumstances and to raise awareness and support to help transform Haiti.

Join in to help raise awareness for issues affecting Haiti. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Haiti needs you.

The Million Dollar Challenge
$ 500000

From our stories

Travay vètyè 2023
Nan 3 Tip Ayisyen sa yo, kiyès ou ye?


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