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Hope & Innovation Center

    HOPE & INNOVATION CENTER is a Technology Center that provides youth and adult a place and opportunities to develop 21st century skills that will inspire future education and career choices. The center supports education and helps to increase digital literacy. The people of Haiti are critically lagging in digital literacy and information technology.  According to the World Bank, less than 5% of the population has access to a computer and even fewer are regular Internet users. The majority of Haitian citizens (56%) are under the age of 25 and they are being deprived of an opportunity to be viable contributors in today’s global economy or the local economy due to this lack of access

    digital literacy in Haiti

    The programs we run at the center tackle these though issues head on. The following are our feature programs:

    Our digital inclusion program aims to improve the access, skills and education individuals need to take part in the information age. We provide youth and communities with technology resources, training and creative opportunities. Our center provides a 21st century learning environment that includes access to devices such as a 3D printer, desktop and laptop computers and tablets.


    Our Teacher Training program provides professional development training that addresses both pedagogical and subject area skills at the early childhood education, primary, and secondary levels. These training are designed to meet the guidelines and standards of the Ministry of Education.  Currently in Haiti, at the early childhood education level, there are 20,000 teachers, but only 42% are qualified to teach at that level. And the situation is even worse at the primary level, where only 22% of the 60,000 teachers are qualified to teach. Given the enormous challenge of the lack of qualified teachers in Haiti we take this program on the road.  We travel outside of the center to regroup and train educators in remote areas of the country in addition to hosting regular trainings at our location.


    Our Education Jump Start & Support initiative provides school supplies and tuition support to students. 85% of the schools in Haiti are non-public schools and, now more than ever, parents have a hard time paying for their kids’ tuitions. We work with local schools and communities to identify those with a tenuous payment history. The identification process is done by our Hope Team members in Haiti who interview local families to ensure that the money goes to the neediest. The Education Jump Start program also provides teaching kits to teachers to make sure they have all the necessary materials to teach.


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