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Teacher Training

    A two-day professional development training for teachers and schools on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. This training is taking place on July 27 -28. Organizers are expecting more than 100 teachers and school directors to attend this workshop.

    I know that Haiti needs me

      I am the secret ingredient to my country’s salvation. I am here not to point out the problems but to work towards the solutions, not to complain but to contribute.

      Solar Lights Distribution in Haiti

        Thank you to everyone who contributed and those who continue to support this very important and needed project. Many communities that we visited have no electricity. You’ve allowed us to serve the needy in our country and we’re doing it gracefully. Thank you!

        The Winner Is…

        Miss Jessica Donette, the winner of the Unity Contest. As first prize winner she received a new IPAD. The winner was announced during the Unity Fashion Show.

        2012 National Haitian American Forum

        We are pleased to announce the 3rd annual National Haitian American Forum to be held on May 26, 2012 in Palm Beach County Florida. The forum will include two discussion panels; Haitian Americans in politics and an Intergenerational panel.

        A letter to God

          Dear Almighty Lord, I am writing you because the cynics believe as they always say that Haiti cannot get any better. I stand by many fellow Haitian Patriots to disagree… Read More »A letter to God

          Turn your passion for Haiti into Fashion

            Join us on April 21st at Pkliz for a “thank you” fashion show to our supporters. What we do is only possible because of you, THANK YOU! Admission is free.