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Solar Lights Distribution in Haiti

    The Hope Team USA  just arrived in Haiti ready to roll up our sleeves and help our brothers & sisters. We are heading to our first meeting with the community of Jacket where we are looking to establish our  pilot project for  our  Empowerment Center

    At first glance the country has changed, not for the better. But on the positive side, there is some improvement at the airport and construction looks very slow. Today we have a few meetings with different community organizations to know the needs and of course provide the solar lights.

    Hope Ambassador Ed Shakespierre speaking with youth leaders in Haiti

    Our meeting just ended, we had many  young women participants which is one of our focus area, women and children. We also had many young men. Pictures will be posted on our facebook page later.

    Update from Hope Team USA on 2nd day in Haiti: 
    We just visited a few organizations and communities to distribute the solar lights, things went very well. We will post pictures later. Having Konbit For Haiti as our partner has really helped us achieve more. Thanks for believing in “L’union fait la force”

    Hope Team Solar Light Distribution in Haiti Day 2

    “Update from Hope Team USA on 3rd day in Haiti:
    Today we visited communities in Saint Marc, Jean Denis, Kafou Tibwa etc… This was heart breaking to see the living conditions of many of our brothers and sisters but we are very happy that tonight many of them will be able to see during the night hours. Thank you for helping us to make a difference.”

    At many of the communities we visited we repeatedly heard this; “It is so refreshing to see young Haitians living abroad come back to work with us, it makes us feel like we can do more.” We have also heard that, our presence alone do more good than we think.” We have done more than what we set out to do so far. We are very proud of the young Haitians who have stepped up for Haiti. Hope Agents let’s go!”

    Hope Team USA delivers solar lights to children in Haiti day 3

    Update from Hope Team USA trip to Haiti day 4:

    “Good morning to you all and the rest of the Hope Team in the US. It is a good morning so far, we are scheduled to visit a few more communities today. We also have a special meeting schedule with Hope Team Haiti to assess our work so far and fine tuning the roadmap for the future.

    The Hope Team USA solar lights distribution continues. The kids are extremely grateful and happy. Thanks to everyone who contributed and those who continue to support this very important and needed project. Many communities that we visited have no electricity. You’ve allowed us to serve the needy in our country and we’re doing it gracefully. Thank you!

    Hope Team delivers solar lights to schools in Haiti day 5

    “Update from Hope Team USA trip to Haiti day 5:
    Today we started the day with a meeting with our partner Konbit for Haiti, discussing the situation in Haiti. We then headed out to Kafou where we visited a few communities there. We met with members of VISPAH and distribute solar lights to children in the area.

    We ended the day with a special meeting with Hope Team Haiti to assess our work so far and fine tuning the roadmap for the future. We surprised them all with a solar light. We are so grateful for them, many of them are going through tough times as well and through it all still have the will to help others. THANK YOU Hope Team Haiti.”

    Hope Team Haiti meeting with Hope Team USA

    Hope Team Haiti is ready to work, they desperately need our support.
    “Our brothers and sisters in Haiti can’t do it by themselves, they need us” Hope Agent Salusa Basquin

    Hope Team USA trip to Haiti update day 6:
    Solar lights distribution continues. We have 5 schools we hope to visit and provide solar lights to today. We will be in these areas; Kenskof, Kanaran, Delmas 75, Boucan Carre and Fort Jacques and possibly Delmas 32.

    Hope Team delivers solar lights to communities in Haiti day 6

    One more meeting at 2PM and we’re done. Thank you so much to everyone of you for your help and support. We just had a conversation with someone from the Foreign Minister’s Office and they were very happy of our efforts.

    Today was a very busy, productive and long day. We have been to Kenskof, Kanaran, Boucan Carre, Fort Jacques and Delmas 32. Huge thanks to David for driving us everywhere to distribute the solar lights. We can without a shadow of a doubt say; “Mission Accomplished!” We have just a couple of meetings tomorrow and we should be on our way back soon. Thanks to all who have made this wonderful endeavor possible. THANK YOU!”

    Hope Team USA trip to Haiti update day 7:
    Hope Team USA is on the way back from Haiti. This was an amazing trip and time spent with our beloved Haiti.”

    A warm welcome for Hope Team USA from Haiti

    Hope Team USA Received a warm welcome by Hope Agent Portia. We are very proud of our team and our partner Konbit for Haiti.

    Thank you to everyone who purchased a Unity T-shirt to support the the Light Up Haiti Project. Your contribution make it possible for the Hope Team to distribute solar lights to schools and communities throughout  Haiti. THANK YOU

    View pictures from the trip here: 

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