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A letter to God

    Dear Almighty Lord,

    I am writing you because the cynics believe as they always say that Haiti cannot get any better. I stand by many fellow Haitian Patriots to disagree with this myth. I know you are not an unjust God and you would never create a nation with a curse, unfairly as compared to others in the same region. Please, help our Citizens to understand that, as Haitians, we are supposed to be the architects of our nation by fundamentally facing our own challenges while controlling our destiny.

    By the way, I have heard the negatives, but they tend to forget our great values. Please, use my voice to remind them that, firstly, we are along a few countries where residents support their neighbors by providing food to feed them when they cannot cook themselves because they are broke. Yes, in Haiti, it is still true that people back each other up to fulfill basic human needs. Secondly, we are among just a few, if not the only, where analphabet parents know how to raise their children to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, economists, financial advisors and so on. Where is that inspiration coming from if not from you, O Sovereign Lord? These values along with many others are reasons why the Haitian Patriots believe that Haiti can and will be changed to improve our Citizens lives.

    Please, guide the authorities to reduce corruption and build a sustainable society, equipped with a transparent justice system along with social, economic and political freedoms. Please, O Lord, raise and bring together an effective leadership team who understands that they must inspire others to serve our nation, work for the Haitians People rather than enriching themselves, and fight the corruption system that has been built for over 200 years with the so called slogan “Scratch my back and I will scratch yours”.

    Thank you so much in advance for considering and prioritizing my requests in your to-do list. I look forward to a free & growing society with social and economic equalities where our fellow Citizens fairly have access to better education and a financial market to compete and survive today’s complex globalization.

    Lovely Yours,

    Justin E. Georges
    Haitian Patriot

    CC: Jesus Christ &The Holy Spirit

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