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Teacher Training

    In partnership with Action Citoyenne Pour une Nouvelle Societe, a community organization Color of Hope is organizing a two-day professional development training for teachers and schools on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. This training is taking place on July 27 -28. We are expecting more than 100 teachers and school directors to attend this workshop. This is our second annual training for teachers on the island of La Gonave. Check back for update on the training.

    Color of Hope Teacher Training in Haiti


    Thanks Hope Team for the support for the training that occurred on La Gonave from July 16- July 20. Here are a couple of pictures, I will have a lot more pictures to share with you all later. We had a large turnout.

    Teachers are asking for these types of training to be continued throughout the year. I will have more to share with you. On juyl 27- 28, we have another training that will take place also in La Gonave. Let’s keep up the good work team, and talk soon.

    Hope Agent Moise.

    Color of Hope Teacher training in La Gonave Haiti

    Color of Hope Teacher training in Haiti

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