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Supporting Education in Haiti

    Education Jump Start provides school supplies and tuition support to students. As you know, 85% of the schools in Haiti are non-public schools and, now more than ever, parents have a hard time paying for their kids’ tuitions.

    For The Love Of Haiti

    Hope & Innovation Center

      Providing youth and adult in Haiti a place and opportunities to develop 21st century skills. Our center provides a 21st century learning environment that includes access to devices such as a 3D printer, desktop and laptop computers and tablets.

      Feeding The Sick

        This initiative is an answered prayer to many lying in their hospital beds in Haiti. We provide food, toiletries as the hospitals do not provide these items and money for medication for those in dire conditions.

        Teacher Training

          A two-day professional development training for teachers and schools on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. This training is taking place on July 27 -28. Organizers are expecting more than 100 teachers and school directors to attend this workshop.

          I know that Haiti needs me

            I am the secret ingredient to my country’s salvation. I am here not to point out the problems but to work towards the solutions, not to complain but to contribute.