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Hope & Innovation Center

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HOPE & INNOVATION CENTER is a Technology Center that provides youth and adult a place and opportunities to develop 21st century skills that will inspire future education and career choices. The center supports education and helps to increase digital literacy. The people of Haiti are critically lagging in digital literacy and information technology.  According to the World Bank, less than 5% of the population has access to a computer and even fewer are regular Internet users. The majority of Haitian citizens (56%) are under the age of 25 and they are being deprived of an opportunity to be viable contributors in today’s global economy or the local economy due to this lack of access

digital literacy in Haiti

The programs we run at the center tackle these though issues head on. The following are our feature programs:

Our digital inclusion program aims to improve the access, skills and education individuals need to take part in the information age. We provide youth and communities with technology resources, training and creative opportunities. Our center provides a 21st century learning environment that includes access to devices such as a 3D printer, desktop and laptop computers and tablets.


Our Teacher Training program provides professional development training that addresses both pedagogical and subject area skills at the early childhood education, primary, and secondary levels. These training are designed to meet the guidelines and standards of the Ministry of Education.  Currently in Haiti, at the early childhood education level, there are 20,000 teachers, but only 42% are qualified to teach at that level. And the situation is even worse at the primary level, where only 22% of the 60,000 teachers are qualified to teach. Given the enormous challenge of the lack of qualified teachers in Haiti we take this program on the road.  We travel outside of the center to regroup and train educators in remote areas of the country in addition to hosting regular trainings at our location.


Our Education Jump Start & Support initiative provides school supplies and tuition support to students. 85% of the schools in Haiti are non-public schools and, now more than ever, parents have a hard time paying for their kids’ tuitions. We work with local schools and communities to identify those with a tenuous payment history. The identification process is done by our Hope Team members in Haiti who interview local families to ensure that the money goes to the neediest. The Education Jump Start program also provides teaching kits to teachers to make sure they have all the necessary materials to teach.


Support a program at the Center  | Pledge Now!

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Feeding The Sick

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This initiative also provides food, toiletries, as the hospitals do not provide these items, and money for medication for those in dire conditions. Down below is a testimony from a patient from our last visit.

Color of Hope Feeds the sick in Haiti

Testimony from a patient during our last visit to the hospital:
“This morning I woke up and only had $10 ht (equivalent of $1.15) I gave it to my mom to go and buy us some patties and she returned with only one. When I told her that one patty would not be enough for the both of us, she replied; “I didn’t want to spend all the money since that’s all we have.” I told my mom that I did not know how but God will not let us sleep on an empty stomach and that God will provide.”
She wanted our Hope Team to know that we were an answer to her prayers. Click here to view more photos

Color of Hope Hospital Food Program in Haiti

Creole translation:
Maten an mwen te leve ak $10 dola selman nan menm e se manman’m ki akonpagne lopital la, mwen mande manman mwen pou li pran $10 a pou li ka ht 2 pate pou nou manje, leu li vini mwen we seyon sel li achte mwen di manman apase yon sel ou achte ou konnen tre byen ke yon sel pate pap ka fe anyen pou nou tou 2 a? li di ebyen pitit mwen paske sesa selman nou gen nan men nou mwen pata ka depanse tout. li reponn manman pou li di ke “BONDYE AP VOYE MANJE POU YO PA NINPOT KI MWAYEN KE LI PAP KITEL DOMI GRANGOU.”

Teacher Training

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In partnership with Action Citoyenne Pour une Nouvelle Societe, a community organization Color of Hope is organizing a two-day professional development training for teachers and schools on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. This training is taking place on July 27 -28. We are expecting more than 100 teachers and school directors to attend this workshop. This is our second annual training for teachers on the island of La Gonave. Check back for update on the training.

Color of Hope Teacher Training in Haiti


Thanks Hope Team for the support for the training that occurred on La Gonave from July 16- July 20. Here are a couple of pictures, I will have a lot more pictures to share with you all later. We had a large turnout.

Teachers are asking for these types of training to be continued throughout the year. I will have more to share with you. On juyl 27- 28, we have another training that will take place also in La Gonave. Let’s keep up the good work team, and talk soon.

Hope Agent Moise.

Color of Hope Teacher training in La Gonave Haiti

Color of Hope Teacher training in Haiti

Solar Lights Distribution in Haiti

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The Hope Team USA  just arrived in Haiti ready to roll up our sleeves and help our brothers & sisters. We are heading to our first meeting with the community of Jacket where we are looking to establish our  pilot project for  our  Empowerment Center

At first glance the country has changed, not for the better. But on the positive side, there is some improvement at the airport and construction looks very slow. Today we have a few meetings with different community organizations to know the needs and of course provide the solar lights.

Hope Ambassador Ed Shakespierre speaking with youth leaders in Haiti

Our meeting just ended, we had many  young women participants which is one of our focus area, women and children. We also had many young men. Pictures will be posted on our facebook page later.

Update from Hope Team USA on 2nd day in Haiti: 
We just visited a few organizations and communities to distribute the solar lights, things went very well. We will post pictures later. Having Konbit For Haiti as our partner has really helped us achieve more. Thanks for believing in “L’union fait la force”

Hope Team Solar Light Distribution in Haiti Day 2

“Update from Hope Team USA on 3rd day in Haiti:
Today we visited communities in Saint Marc, Jean Denis, Kafou Tibwa etc… This was heart breaking to see the living conditions of many of our brothers and sisters but we are very happy that tonight many of them will be able to see during the night hours. Thank you for helping us to make a difference.”

At many of the communities we visited we repeatedly heard this; “It is so refreshing to see young Haitians living abroad come back to work with us, it makes us feel like we can do more.” We have also heard that, our presence alone do more good than we think.” We have done more than what we set out to do so far. We are very proud of the young Haitians who have stepped up for Haiti. Hope Agents let’s go!”

Hope Team USA delivers solar lights to children in Haiti day 3

Update from Hope Team USA trip to Haiti day 4:

“Good morning to you all and the rest of the Hope Team in the US. It is a good morning so far, we are scheduled to visit a few more communities today. We also have a special meeting schedule with Hope Team Haiti to assess our work so far and fine tuning the roadmap for the future.

The Hope Team USA solar lights distribution continues. The kids are extremely grateful and happy. Thanks to everyone who contributed and those who continue to support this very important and needed project. Many communities that we visited have no electricity. You’ve allowed us to serve the needy in our country and we’re doing it gracefully. Thank you!

Hope Team delivers solar lights to schools in Haiti day 5

“Update from Hope Team USA trip to Haiti day 5:
Today we started the day with a meeting with our partner Konbit for Haiti, discussing the situation in Haiti. We then headed out to Kafou where we visited a few communities there. We met with members of VISPAH and distribute solar lights to children in the area.

We ended the day with a special meeting with Hope Team Haiti to assess our work so far and fine tuning the roadmap for the future. We surprised them all with a solar light. We are so grateful for them, many of them are going through tough times as well and through it all still have the will to help others. THANK YOU Hope Team Haiti.”

Hope Team Haiti meeting with Hope Team USA

Hope Team Haiti is ready to work, they desperately need our support.
“Our brothers and sisters in Haiti can’t do it by themselves, they need us” Hope Agent Salusa Basquin

Hope Team USA trip to Haiti update day 6:
Solar lights distribution continues. We have 5 schools we hope to visit and provide solar lights to today. We will be in these areas; Kenskof, Kanaran, Delmas 75, Boucan Carre and Fort Jacques and possibly Delmas 32.

Hope Team delivers solar lights to communities in Haiti day 6

One more meeting at 2PM and we’re done. Thank you so much to everyone of you for your help and support. We just had a conversation with someone from the Foreign Minister’s Office and they were very happy of our efforts.

Today was a very busy, productive and long day. We have been to Kenskof, Kanaran, Boucan Carre, Fort Jacques and Delmas 32. Huge thanks to David for driving us everywhere to distribute the solar lights. We can without a shadow of a doubt say; “Mission Accomplished!” We have just a couple of meetings tomorrow and we should be on our way back soon. Thanks to all who have made this wonderful endeavor possible. THANK YOU!”

Hope Team USA trip to Haiti update day 7:
Hope Team USA is on the way back from Haiti. This was an amazing trip and time spent with our beloved Haiti.”

A warm welcome for Hope Team USA from Haiti

Hope Team USA Received a warm welcome by Hope Agent Portia. We are very proud of our team and our partner Konbit for Haiti.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Unity T-shirt to support the the Light Up Haiti Project. Your contribution make it possible for the Hope Team to distribute solar lights to schools and communities throughout  Haiti. THANK YOU

View pictures from the trip here: 

2012 National Haitian American Forum

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We are pleased to announce the 3rd annual National Haitian American Forum to be held on May 26, 2012 in Palm Beach County Florida. The 2012 National Haitian American forum will include two discussion panels; Haitian Americans in politics and an Intergenerational panel to discuss the most pressing issues of today and lead the way to constructive action. Our theme for this year is “Reaching For The Dream”

National Haitian American Forum

Selected panelists include Senate Candidate Mack Bernard currently serves as a member of the Florida State House of Representatives, State Rep. John Patrick Julien, Commissiioner Jean Monestime, Phillip J. Brutus former member of the Florida House of Representatives and candidate for the US House of Representatives, Josue Pierre Political Director for HAAPA PAC, Commissioner Al Jacquet and many more influential thinkers in our community. A complete list of the guests speakers will soon be available.

Forum starts at 4:30PM with an exposition of Haitian Paintings by young Haitian Artist Baker Joseph

National Haitian American Forum

About the National Haitian American Forum
The National Haitian American Forum is an inclusive, informative and dynamic dialogue to address the primary concerns of Haitian Americans and the Haitian American immigrant communities across America. The forum is recorded and broadcast on Haitian TV stations and online.

National Haitian American Forum

A variety of issues are discussed during the forum including our beloved country Haiti. The forum is created to educate, uplift, and empower the Haitian community by bringing people together and engaging them in thoughtful dialogue, leading the way to constructive action. NHAF is held during the last weekend in May in celebration of Haitian Heritage Month.

Barton Elementary School is located at:

1700 Barton Rd., Lake Worth, FL 33460

Directions: I-95 to Lantana Rd. East to Andrew Redding Rd. North on Andrew Redding Rd.

School on west side of Andrew Redding Rd.

You can be a hero to a child in Haiti

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A light for education


Haiti has an acute electricity problem. In Port- au- Prince, Haiti’s capital, the availability of electricity is very limited, and in some regions of the country do not have electrical power. As a result of lack of electricity, students have difficulty studying during the night hours, and for many of these students night school is the only possibility for a chance to set foot into a school. Many of them are currently using kerosene lamps and candle which are very hazardous, specifically in a country where the next fire station may be two hundred miles away if any. There have been many incidents of burned down houses in many communities due to this issue and many lives have been lost. The problem also affects women entrepreneurs known as “Madan Sara”. These women are the back bone of the Haitian economy. They spend the entire day at the open market and unable to improve their skills due to lack of electricity during night time. Many of the families are unable to purchase solar lights and many more are simply unaware of the existence of such technology.


The Light up Haiti project will work to address the lighting needs of rural students, families and schools in communities who conduct lessons during the evening hours. Children, both within households and in school settings, will be able to use these solar lights to study. Providing these solar lights to these students and their families will greatly support the education infrastructure in Haiti. This project will also eliminate the hazard that exists with the current use of candle and kerosene lamps to study and not to mention leaving the women of Haiti with one less worries when they get home at night.

Additionally, this project wants to ensure that the young people of Haiti are fully aware of the potential of green energy, and how such technology can improve their lives and country. Consequently, students will receive a booklet outlining basic facts of green energy, and how technological innovation in the green sector can help Haiti solves its electricity problem.



The Light up Haiti project will deliver solar lighting to 300 schools 500 families, with an average of 5 individuals per household and 200 people with disabilities in rural areas in Haiti.


We are currently seeking to raise $15,000 for our first phase of this project to purchase 1000 lights by January 12th 2012. You can make a contribution towards this campaign and you may also purchase a “Honor. Remember. Unite” T-Shirts to help us provide these urgently needed solar lights to students, women and people with disabilities in Haiti.


COH-Youth Team
Foundation Sud Espoir D’Haiti Inc
Haiti Foundation Ernest Janvier
Haiti Merjorlynn Foundation- Haiti



Tod Allen Ladess
David Riche


Harness Our Strength to Light up Haiti.
There are a few ways you can help make the “Spirit of Solidarity with Haiti” a huge success. You can encourage your staff to participate in or organize “Solidarity with Haiti” events, you can encourage them to purchase “Unity T-shirts”, you can help us raise funds for the “Light Up Haiti” Initiative or you can simply make a donation, and so help us deliver solar lighting to 300 schools 500 families, with an average of 5 individuals per household and 200 people with disabilities. To make a contribution click on the donate button down below. Alternatively, you can also send your check or money order to P.O Box 5621 Lake Worth, Fl 33466


You can be the reason why a child will stay in school and get an education. Donate a solar light to one of Haiti’s future leaders today! Donate $15 or more and receive a HONOR. REMEMBER. UNITE T-shirt. A t-shirt that presents a unified message from a united community in remembrance of the devastating earthquake.

Honor Remember Unite T-Shirt

Donate to 1000 Solar Lights for Haiti Campaign


Purchase your “Unity T-shirt” from our partner Konbit for Haiti in Miami call 786-309-7589
Konbit For Haiti

Thank you Hope Agents

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We visit minors in prison in Haiti

God: Thank you Hope Agents, For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was in prison and you came to visit me.

Hope Agents
: Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you in prison and go to visit you?

 When you visited the minors in prison in Haiti and you counseled, fed and provided them with other things they needed. Truly I tell you Hope Agents, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of
Our “Hope Youth Team” in Haiti counsel, feed and provide toiletries ( soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste) to over 200 juveniles and between 75 to 100 young girls in underserved neighborhoods. All of this is impossible without you, THANK YOU


The Difference You Help Us Make

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Light up Haiti Project

You can be a hero for a child in Haiti, please help us light the path of Haiti’s future leaders. Because of people like you, over 500 Unity T-shirts have been sold so far which means over 500 children in Haiti will receive a light, THANK YOU.

You can be the reason why a child will stay in school and get an education. Donate a solar light to one of Haiti’s future leaders today! Donate $15 or more and receive a HONOR. REMEMBER. UNITE  T-shirt. A t-shirt that presents a unified message of UNITY from a united community.

WEAR ONE GIVE ONE. By purchasing the “Unity T-shirt” not only are you showing your solidarity with Haiti but you are also helping a child in Haiti to study at night. for every T-shirt sold a solar light will be donated to a child in Haiti to enable him/her to study during the night hours.

Unity T-shirt

Female or Male T-shirt


We remember Haiti.

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Save Haiti memorial wallVery little attention is being given to the dignity of those hundreds of thousands lost on that fateful day in Haiti. We searched through the media but could find little attention to the victims. Shortly after the tragic events of 9/11, Americans from New York City, Washington D.C. and Pensylvania put up little unofficial memorial pages to the victims. 112HAITI.COM emulates the Vietnam Memorial in in our nation’s capital. We invite you to pay your respects to our digital memorial wall.
read more

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