This initiative also provides food, toiletries, as the hospitals do not provide these items, and money for medication for those in dire conditions. Down below is a testimony from a patient from our last visit.

Color of Hope Feeds the sick in Haiti

Testimony from a patient during our last visit to the hospital:
“This morning I woke up and only had $10 ht (equivalent of $1.15) I gave it to my mom to go and buy us some patties and she returned with only one. When I told her that one patty would not be enough for the both of us, she replied; “I didn’t want to spend all the money since that’s all we have.” I told my mom that I did not know how but God will not let us sleep on an empty stomach and that God will provide.”
She wanted our Hope Team to know that we were an answer to her prayers. Click here to view more photos

Color of Hope Hospital Food Program in Haiti

Creole translation:
Maten an mwen te leve ak $10 dola selman nan menm e se manman’m ki akonpagne lopital la, mwen mande manman mwen pou li pran $10 a pou li ka ht 2 pate pou nou manje, leu li vini mwen we seyon sel li achte mwen di manman apase yon sel ou achte ou konnen tre byen ke yon sel pate pap ka fe anyen pou nou tou 2 a? li di ebyen pitit mwen paske sesa selman nou gen nan men nou mwen pata ka depanse tout. li reponn manman pou li di ke “BONDYE AP VOYE MANJE POU YO PA NINPOT KI MWAYEN KE LI PAP KITEL DOMI GRANGOU.”

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