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Give to Inspire 2021

    An earthquake that killed thousands, an assassinated president and a virus that has killed many silently. If there was a time when people in Haiti need HOPE and INSPIRATION, it’s now!

    Edike Ayisyen Pou Ayiti

    Edike Ayisyen Pou Ayiti

      Yon inisyativ pou fòme Ayisyen pou yo ret lakay e sèvi lakay. Nou vle edike tèt, nanm, ak kè chak timoun, yon fason pou yo konn kiyès yo ye, renmen pwochen yo, fyè de peyi yo e travay pou li.

      Drive to Support Color of Hope

      Help Haitian Youth Think More Critically

        A $25 contribution will provide 10 Creole Scientific Method posters for education. Our goal is to provide 10,000 posters to display in classrooms throughout Haiti.

        Back to School Drive in Haiti

          Our back to School Drive in Haiti was filled with activities, including a movie viewing. “Providing those materials to students in Haiti is priceless” said Hope Ambassador Marli Lalanne.

          Teacher Training in Haiti

            Over two hundred and fifty participants from all over the country. Our professional development training for teachers and schools in Haiti this year has been a huge success.

            This Note Belongs to You

              “Thank you for enlighten the kids about technology. They had a blast. They will cherish that experience for the rest of their lives.”

              People like you make what we do possible. We are looking forward to touching many more young lives with your support.