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Supporting Education in Haiti

    Education Jump Start

    Supporting Education in HaitiEducation Jump Start provides school supplies and tuition support to students. As you know, 85% of the schools in Haiti are non-public schools and, now more than ever, parents have a hard time paying for their kids’ tuitions. We work with local schools and communities to identify those with struggling payment history. The identification process is done by our Hope Team members in Haiti who interview local families to ensure that the money goes to the neediest. The Education Jump Start program also provides teaching kits to teachers to make sure they have all the necessary materials to teach.

    As most educational research indicates, we believe teachers should be empowered since they are at the heart of education. Our goal for the next ten years is to train 55,000 teachers. For the past two years, we have been providing professional development training for teachers through a number of partnerships. This summer, in collaboration with Haitian Christian Schools and Action Citoyenne, our teacher trainers organized professional development training for teachers on the Island of La Gonave.

    During those trainings, we addressed two critical areas. We stressed the importance of life-long learning and encouraged teachers to increase their content knowledge by continuing their education through various means. We provided teachers with educational resources so they can continue to increase their own knowledge base. Additionally, we trained teachers in the modern theories of learning and cognition. We discussed the works of Piaget, Vygotsky, Maslow, Gardner, and Bloom and their implications for the classroom. We not only discussed the many theories of how children learn, but we also gave participants strategies and techniques to engage students in their learning and to help them develop necessary 21st century skills. Our goal is to sustain these trainings throughout the year through continued and systematic opportunities for professional development workshops. With the establishment of our community centers, these efforts will be scaled and replicated in other parts of Haiti.

    Color of Hope Teacher training in La Gonave Haiti

    We are asking for your support so that we can continue this essential work. In this flat world, we all know the critical importance of educational competitiveness for economic and social development. Your support will help us contribute to the improvement of educational quality in Haiti. The most immediate way you can help is to make a donation toward Color of Hope’s Education Jump Start, which will benefit students and teachers in Haiti.

    Supplies needed: Book bags, notebook paper, pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners (non-electric), markers, highlighters, dice, graph paper, folders, chalk, poster board, index cards, scissors, teacher record books, and scotch tape.

    Financial donations can be made right here on our  website.

    Donate to help support education for Haitian children

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