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Teacher Training in Haiti

    Our professional development training for teachers and schools in Haiti this year has been a huge success. Over two hundred and fifty participants from all over the country. “This was the best training I have ever had” said one of the participants. Our strategy to positively impact the next generation in Haiti starts with the people who are educating them. We are making the RIGHT investment in teachers to help them empower their students. Click here to view more pictures


    Our Teacher Training program provides professional development training that addresses both pedagogical and subject area skills at the early childhood education, primary, and secondary levels. These training are designed to meet the guidelines and standards of the Ministry of Education.  Currently in Haiti, at the early childhood education level, there are 20,000 teachers, but only 42% are qualified to teach at that level. And the situation is even worse at the primary level, where only 22% of the 60,000 teachers are qualified to teach. Given the enormous challenge of the lack of qualified teachers in Haiti we take this program on the road.  We travel outside of our center to regroup and train educators in remote areas of the country in addition to hosting regular trainings at our location.


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