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Stand With Haiti 2017

We are so excited to kick off the 2017 I Stand with Haiti Campaign.  A campaign to raise awareness and support for our work here and in Haiti. Be part of the 1804 donors we need.

Stand with Haiti 2017 Campaign

About the Campaign

Last year with your help we were able to:

  • Connect with hundreds of thousands through our media outreach initiatives aimed at changing minds and hearts to give hope and improve lives
  • Provide support and relief to Hurricane Matthew victims
  • Organize forums to discuss current issues affecting us locally and nationally
  • Provide training for over 100 teachers
  • Provide support and supplies to dozens of schools
  • Provide activities in technology, science and more to youth and students in Haiti And more

This year, we’re counting on your support to continue what we started, a movement to improve lives and make our Haiti beautiful again. The 2017 I Stand With Haiti Campaign includes different activities and events and spans from September 1, 2017 to our annual bike ride on January 13, 2018. The campaign seeks to raise awareness and funds to implement our programs in 2018.

We’re giving ANYONE who would like to see a better Haiti an opportunity to play a part in building it. Here are 3 ways you can stand with Haiti today:

  1.  Donate You can make a one time donation or become a monthly donor.
  2.  Fundraise You can start a fundraising page here or on Facebook. You can also organize your own fundraising events to help us meet our goal.
  3.  Sponsor You can sponsor any one of our fundraisers or fundraising events such as the Save Haiti Bike Ride

We know we can count on your support and we look forward to meeting our goal together. For more information email us at [email protected] or call 561-877-1264

Edike Ayisyen Pou Ayiti

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Edike Ayisyen Pou Ayiti se yon inisyativ pou fòme Ayisyen pou yo ret lakay e sèvi lakay. Nou vle edike tèt, nanm, ak kè chak timoun, yon fason pou yo konn kiyès yo ye, renmen pwochen yo, fyè de peyi yo e travay pou li. Se tou yon mouvman pou valorize karaktè, konpetans, ak entèlijans. N ap travay pou talan nou yo jwenn oswa kreye posibilite kote yo ye a. E sila ki deyò yo, n ap chouchoute yo e kreye yon klima favorab pou yo vin itilize konesans yo pou amelyore lakay. #EdikeAyisyenPouAyiti #Ayisyen365

Edike Ayisyen Pou Ayiti

Kijan’w Ka Ede Oswa Fè Pati Inisyativ Sa a?

  • Pataje Inisyativ la ak videyo a toutpatou kote w kapab. Sitou sou medya sosyal yo
  • Mete postè Edike Ayisyen Pou Ayiti nan lekòl, klas oswa lòt institisyon
  • Kontribye lajan pou ede inisyativ la
  • Ede amelyore ak pwomote Kreyòl nan edikasyon an Ayiti
  • Sipòte/Sponsorize yon Bibliyotèk Pèp La – Kontakte n pou plis enfòmasyon [email protected]

Ayisyen ki Edike a pa Itil Ayiti

Ayisyen ki edike a pa itil Ayiti anyen. Sistèm edikasyon an #Ayiti pa prepare Ayisyen pou Ayiti. Nou mèt edike yon ban'n ak yon pakèt Ayisyen depi se nan menm sistèm nan se lave men siye atè. #EdikeAyisyenPouAyiti #Ayisyen365 #MkanpepouAyiti @colorofhopeorg

Posted by Ambassador Marli on Sunday, June 4, 2017


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Help Haitian Youth Think More Critically

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In an effort to help young #Haitians think more critically and be less susceptible to superstitions and falsehoods, Color of Hope produced a scientific method poster in Creole. Now we need your help to distribute as many as I possibly can to educators, schools and other educational institutions in #Haiti.

A $25 contribution will provide 10 Creole Scientific Method posters for education. Our goal is to provide 10,000 posters to display in classrooms throughout Haiti. #IstandwithHaiti #scienceforHaiti #EducateHaitiansForHaiti #EdikeAyisyenPouAyiti

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Back to School Drive in Haiti

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Throughout the year Color of Hope supports schools, students, teachers and parents with different initiatives, however the back to school drive is one that has proven to be crucial for a successful academic year. 

Many parents struggled to come up with tuition fees and uniforms which means there is no money for school supplies. While some schools will not allow children to attend without adequate school supplies, many children will attend school without the basics (backpack, notebooks, pens, pencils etc…) One of the students we helped was threatened to be sent back home because he did not have socks. 


This year with the support of Waste Management, One Love-One Community and LESS Institute, we were able to help more children to start the school year properly equipped.


Knowing the importance of education in building a better Haiti, we couldn’t be more grateful to all those who make what we do possible. Special thanks to: Mayor Triolo of the City of Lake Worth, Ellen Smith, Barbara Haider, Former State Rep. Mack Bernard, Lisa Turdo, Commissioner McVoy, Renel Coutelien, Alex Augustin and Mary Greydanus.
The back to School Drive was filled with activities, including a movie viewing. “Providing those materials to students in Haiti is priceless” said Hope Ambassador Marli Lalanne. Click HERE to view more pictures from the event on our facebook page.

Solar Panels for Haiti Tech Center

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In 2012, just two years after the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, Color of Hope launched the construction of the Hope & Innovation Center as a result of growing demands for our services and programs. The center is now the first ever community tech center in Haiti destined to bring 21st century skills to communities and youth.

Our programs range from introduction to computers to coding, from teacher training to story time, from science lab to movie night and everything in between. The best part of it all is that we take our programs on the road, even to the most remote parts of the country. Most of the programs are in their testing phases and are going great, however the NUMBER ONE issue we face in delivering these wonderful programs is the lack of electricity, and being environmentally conscious makes it even harder for us. As a Haiti Hope Ambassador, I endeavor to provide for the needs of the organization in order for us to fulfill our mission. This year, I am asking for your help to address this critical issue.

Here is what I mean; Haiti has an acute electricity problem. In Port- au- Prince, Haiti’s capital, the availability of electricity is very limited, and some regions of the country do not have electrical power at all. The average person in Haiti spends 281 days a year without electricity. The lack of electricity leads most businesses and those who can afford it to using generators to function. Our heart aches every time we must use a generator. The center is located in an area where we barely get 3 hours of electricity a day and it’s mostly during late hours. Sometimes the power doesn’t come on for days and that makes it extremely hard  to consistently deliver our programs.

The issue we face is not one without solution but we need your help. We would like to leverage Haiti’s great natural wealth of sunshine to provide a clean, conscious and sustainable solution to this grave problem.  We need your help to acquire an off grid solar system that will allow us to be consistent in delivering those needed programs to the people and put our heart at ease knowing that we are not adding to the degradation of the environment. For that, we would be forever grateful.

The impact of consistently delivering these programs would be immense. The people of Haiti are critically lagging in digital literacy and information technology.  According to the World Bank, less than 5% of the population has access to a computer and even fewer are regular Internet users. Many students in Haiti are forced to gather under street lights to study and do homework at night and most use candles which are unsafe.  The majority of Haitian citizens (56%) are under the age of 25 and they are being deprived of an opportunity to be viable contributors in today’s global economy or the local economy due to this lack of access.  Your support can help provide reliable power to achieve an impact that we can see and one that the communities in Haiti can feel.  Together we can raise and empower the next generation of Haitian leaders to create a better future.

Marli Lalanne Haiti Hope Ambassador.
“As a Hope Ambassador, I endeavor to provide for the advancement of our mission. Color of Hope’s efforts are aimed at cultivating our Haitian children’s potential to give Haiti a better future.This year, my goal is to address the critical issue of energy.”

– We thank you from the bottom of our heart for any donation and will share these tokens with you at the following levels:

$50 or more – Unity t-shirt

$100 or more – Choice of Unity t-shirt or Philosophy shirt plus wristband.

$250 or more – Unity t, philosophy, wrist band and a we remember Haiti t-shirt

$500 or more – complete set of our Save Haiti Bike Ride cycling outfit, 5th annual Save Haiti Bike Ride water bottle, wristband, and a choice of any of our T-shirts.

Bike Ride Jersey

Teacher Training in Haiti

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Our professional development training for teachers and schools in Haiti this year has been a huge success. Over two hundred and fifty participants from all over the country. “This was the best training I have ever had” said one of the participants. Our strategy to positively impact the next generation in Haiti starts with the people who are educating them. We are making the RIGHT investment in teachers to help them empower their students. Click here to view more pictures


Our Teacher Training program provides professional development training that addresses both pedagogical and subject area skills at the early childhood education, primary, and secondary levels. These training are designed to meet the guidelines and standards of the Ministry of Education.  Currently in Haiti, at the early childhood education level, there are 20,000 teachers, but only 42% are qualified to teach at that level. And the situation is even worse at the primary level, where only 22% of the 60,000 teachers are qualified to teach. Given the enormous challenge of the lack of qualified teachers in Haiti we take this program on the road.  We travel outside of our center to regroup and train educators in remote areas of the country in addition to hosting regular trainings at our location.


Support this program by making your contribution

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This Note Belongs to You

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This note belongs to you, we couldn’t have done any of it without your support. THANK YOU! Dieumela at our Community Technology Center Dear Color of Hope, The students from La Providence de Delmas 53 had a great innovative day at your Tech Center on May 28 2014. We would like to thank Marli Lalanne, Frensisca Danastor and the whole staff on behalf of all the students. Once again, thank you for enlighten the kids about technology. They had a blast. They will cherish that experience for the rest of their lives. Dieumela Aid Team Haiti School at our Community Technology Center People like you make what we do possible. We have touched so many lives, but knowing that there are so many left untouched makes it hard for us to rest. We are looking forward to touching many more young lives with your support. Haiti School at our Community Technology Center

Increase Digital Literacy in Haiti

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Digital literacy program

Consider how technology permeates every aspect of our existence today. Then think about how Haiti, a country where 56% of the population is under the age of 25, only has mere 0.2% regular Internet users.  What will we do to make sure our children don’t get left behind again this time around?

Color of Hope provides youth and communities in Haiti with technology resources, training and creative opportunities. We aim to improve access, skills and education individuals need to take part in the information age.

Did you know that only 5% of the population in Haiti have access to a computer. We cannot stand by and let our youth fall behind. Your $10 contribution provides 2 hours of digital literacy training for a a group of 5 at our Community Technology Center in Haiti.


You can make sure Haiti’s tomorrow is better than her today. Make your contribution now

Donate to the Mobile Education Centers Program

Using technology to educate children in Haiti

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You may not be a teacher (educator) or never even set foot in Haiti but your contribution is helping to educate children in Haiti – Thank you!!!

Technology for education in Haiti

Making learning fun and exciting for the children of Haiti who have so much to deal with at a very early age.


Using technology to improve and support education in Haiti

Using technology_for_education_in_Haiti3

See video on how your contribution is helping us to make it happen in Haiti. See more pictures of our Community Technology Center here

Supporting Education in Haiti

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Education Jump Start

Supporting Education in HaitiEducation Jump Start provides school supplies and tuition support to students. As you know, 85% of the schools in Haiti are non-public schools and, now more than ever, parents have a hard time paying for their kids’ tuitions. We work with local schools and communities to identify those with struggling payment history. The identification process is done by our Hope Team members in Haiti who interview local families to ensure that the money goes to the neediest. The Education Jump Start program also provides teaching kits to teachers to make sure they have all the necessary materials to teach.

As most educational research indicates, we believe teachers should be empowered since they are at the heart of education. Our goal for the next ten years is to train 55,000 teachers. For the past two years, we have been providing professional development training for teachers through a number of partnerships. This summer, in collaboration with Haitian Christian Schools and Action Citoyenne, our teacher trainers organized professional development training for teachers on the Island of La Gonave.

During those trainings, we addressed two critical areas. We stressed the importance of life-long learning and encouraged teachers to increase their content knowledge by continuing their education through various means. We provided teachers with educational resources so they can continue to increase their own knowledge base. Additionally, we trained teachers in the modern theories of learning and cognition. We discussed the works of Piaget, Vygotsky, Maslow, Gardner, and Bloom and their implications for the classroom. We not only discussed the many theories of how children learn, but we also gave participants strategies and techniques to engage students in their learning and to help them develop necessary 21st century skills. Our goal is to sustain these trainings throughout the year through continued and systematic opportunities for professional development workshops. With the establishment of our community centers, these efforts will be scaled and replicated in other parts of Haiti.

Color of Hope Teacher training in La Gonave Haiti

We are asking for your support so that we can continue this essential work. In this flat world, we all know the critical importance of educational competitiveness for economic and social development. Your support will help us contribute to the improvement of educational quality in Haiti. The most immediate way you can help is to make a donation toward Color of Hope’s Education Jump Start, which will benefit students and teachers in Haiti.

Supplies needed: Book bags, notebook paper, pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners (non-electric), markers, highlighters, dice, graph paper, folders, chalk, poster board, index cards, scissors, teacher record books, and scotch tape.

Financial donations can be made right here on our  website.

Donate to help support education for Haitian children

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