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The 2011 National Haitian American Forum was a huge success

    National Haitian American Forum“A better Haiti takes all of us. The National Haitian American forum 2011 embodied that very principle by providing a platform for leaders in the community to come together for a wide ranging dialogue about issues that concerns Haitians in the US and at home. Thank you for starting this conversation!!!!! The forum setting and related activities were astounding and offered an opportunity for the rich diversity of outstanding presenters to nurture and engage the participants both professionally and personally in a cultural feast. My sincere compliments to you for the care you have taken in your role as a bridge to the Haitian community. I also celebrate your partnership in empowering and enabling our community to act as one. I am touched and inspired by your generosity and your commitment to the transformation of Haiti. Kudos !!!!” Delbie Noel

    “Thank you to Color of Hope for organizing this forum. it was a candid conversation that was well needed for our community. The panelists tackle issues about education, immigration, networking and community involvement. The women segment was my all time favorite. it’s really rare to hear genuine conversation about women in Hati. Thanks again to Color of Hope. Thank you” Unknown

    “The National Haitian American Forum was a great event. Looking forward to see the much anticipated values it will create in the next few months!” Marc Saint Clair
    “The National Haitian American Forum was Great, the topics were very engaging; ranging from education to immigration. Lawrence Gonzalez inspirationally urged that we reach back to the younger generation and let them know that we care, and there by inspire the of leaders of tomorrow.” Unknown

    “The National Haitian American Forum was fun while being socially productive. Information, laughs and even free authentic Haitian food ie mourue, banan, chicken, griot, etc. + Haitian cake and akasan for FREE. The convos were great and the subtle layout changes were creatively inspired. like Lucson Joseph said let’s not just educate but lets induce leadership and purpose.” Lawrence Gonzalez
    “There is a long time rumor that exists in the hearts and minds of both Haitians and non-Haitians alike: When it comes to planning events, the Haitian people tend to be very lax-a-daisy: the event will undoubtedly begin late, the food will be served even later, and in the end, though there may be nice presentations, no strategic goals are implemented or executed. The Color of Hope organization is one group that is bursting at the seams with strategic ways to dispel such a rumor. I had the privilege of being a part of this event and I’d like to share my opinion on how it all went down.” Diary of A Marabou READ MORE…..





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