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Haitian Diaspora Million Dollar Challenge

 Let’s consolidate our resources in order to maximize our impact in Haiti.  Please join in by making your CONTRIBUTION NOW

Make a contribution to help us meet our goal

Contribution by states

Rank State/Country H. Diaspora Population Money Raised
New York 400,000 $370.00
1 Florida 250,000 $211,933.61
Massachusetts 100,000 $7357.01
New Jersey 57,000 $2646.01
Chicaco 15,000 $3040.00
Connecticut 15,000 $2600.00
Georgia 12,000 $1271.00
Maryland 10,000 $500.00
Pennsylvania 8,500 $330.00
California 6,500 $120.00
Canada 100,000 $330.00
France 80,000 $110.00
Japan Unknown $50.00
Washington, DC Unknown $725
Virginia Unknown $91.50
North Corolina Unknown $20
United Kingdom Unknown $20
Ohio $3
Michigan Unknown $5
Arkansas Unknown $10
Arizona Unknown $10
Total 1,054,000 $231,642.13

Make a Donation to help us meet our goal

My Reason For Donating: “I donated because it’s time that we rely on ourselves. Haiti can be “la Perle des antilles”Zacharie Thelisma “I donated because Haiti must change and this change starts with me” Frensisca Aristil “I donated because I believe in a new Haiti ” Sandy Guillaume. What is your reason for giving to the Haitian Diaspora One Million Dollar Challenge Take a moment to let us know

See the fruit of this challenge so far:  Hope & Innovation Centers in Haiti

Haitian Diaspora Challenge Fund A.K.A Haitian Sustainable Community Fund: Suntrust Banks, Inc Acct# Ask about the Diaspora Challenge Fund Bank of America Acct#Ask about the Diaspora Challenge Fund mail checks to: P.O Box 5621 Lake Worth, Fl 33466
about the Haitian Diaspora Challenge
Although we can not ignore the deplorable conditions that existed prior to the catastrophic event of January 12 , this tragedy emphasizes the need for a more organized and robust response from the Haitian Diaspora to the suffering of our brothers and sisters. Our individual response to the tragedy has been commendable but as we know, our individual efforts alone will not be sufficient to pull us out of the rubble. These reasons and many more propel Color of Hope, a 501(c)(3) US based organization, in collaboration with many more non-profits and individuals to launch this challenge to further validate the belief that the Haitian Diaspora holds the key to Haiti success and to demonstrate concerted leadership.

Diaspora Million Dollar Fund


The Haitian diaspora contribute to over 2/3 to Haiti GDP through remittances and other philanthropic endeavors. Despite all of our attempts Haiti is far from being ideal. We believe that the problem is not so much a lack of capital, but a lack of structure, and effective collaboration models within the Haitian system. We believe a solution can be found if we seek to consolidate our resources, and look to develop effective example of collaboration within the community.

Through the Haitian Diaspora Challenge, we hope to share and expand our knowledge on most effective methods of collaboration. We seek to foster the spirit of collaboration by creating a space of open dialogue, inclusion, and activism. The fruit of this labor will further our community agenda through the creation of  Hope & Innovation Centers throughout Haiti.

Color Of Hope seeks to campaign against the mental and emotional fabrics of disunity in the Haitian community, while standing as a powerful symbol of collaboration and open dialogue both in the Haitian diaspora as well as Haiti. The campaign will isolate three key dynamics in the community, and advocate for: *generational inclusion between old and young in the Haitian community *cultural sensitivity between Haitians from different socio-economical background. *Promoting the spirit of community service in the Haitian community. 

Goal: Mobilize the Haitian Diaspora to pull together some of its resources into a general fund to assist more effectively with the reconstruction of Haiti. The program seeks to raise a million dollars.

Objective: Consolidate our resources in order to maximize our impact. Engage the Haitian Diaspora youth in the rebuilding of Haiti. Improve the Haitian Diaspora’s effectiveness in helping Haiti. Unify and organize our individual efforts in order to avoid duplication. Click here for FAQs About the Challenge

Our Team’s Message: It is said that the haitian diaspora holds the key to Haiti success. well this challenge will either validate or destroy this belief. Here is the challenge: Raise 1million dollars in the next 22 months. the money will go to open educational centers in Haiti, but what the money will do is not nearly as significant as the powerful message we, as haitian diaspora, will send to the world and to our haitian brothers and sisters. This will be a simple measurement of our commitment to Haiti as its diaspora. when we are able to do this together this will once again reaffirm our belief “l’union fait la force” (Unity is power).

H Welcome To Our Site

The 200 year struggle since our independence has incrementally robbed us of ourconfidence to make history again. The true meaning of our creed “L’union fait La force”( unity is power) has not been lived out and frankly many begin to doubt our ability to truly unite. This challenge, in addition to providing a much needed boost and support to Haiti educational system, seeks to give back the confidence of yes we can make history again. As our Haiti remains on life support we can’t afford to have anyone, yes not even you, on the sidelines.

Please join in by making your donation now ( French version|en Français)   The Haitian Diaspora Million Dollar Challenge partner organizations: One Love-One Community Foundation, Inc – U.S Foundation Sud Espoir D’Haiti Inc – Haiti Merjorlynn Foundation- U.S, Haiti Foundation Ernest Janvier – Haiti Individual partners/support: Gislene Moncoeur,  Barbara Haider,  Emanuel Serra, Patricia B Weeks, Kevin Raymond, Kathy Sanchez and Merline Deneus.

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