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Great Things Happen

    Great things happen when overused adages like “men anpil chay pa lou” and “L’union fait la force” are applied. I embarked on this journey to be an ambassador for Haiti because I really needed to count amongst the people who do something about what they care about, no matter how difficult it may seem at first. We will never succeed in changing Haiti if we never even try and now is the time to take action. Your contribution to the Diaspora Million dollar challenge and trust in this positive collective action for Haiti is truly remarkable and I thank you for taking a step many others need to take. You are indispensable for Haiti’s recovery and rebuild into the amazing nation we can all be proud of.

    Fundraising Event for Future Hope Ambassador Marli Lalanne

    Thanks to you and the over 50 of my friends that have contributed to the Haitian Diaspora Million Dollar challenge through donating to my ambassadorship, I am now just $895 shy of becoming a hope ambassador for Haiti. Check me out http://colorofhope.org/site/haiti_hope_ambassadors/ Thanks again and I look forward to continuing this journey with you.

    AMOUNT RAISED: $1605.00


    Help me Marli become a Hope Ambassador for Haiti

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