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Create Doers For Haiti

    Hey everyone, this video is part of 10 clips I am doing to give you ten of the reasons why a leadership campus is a must for Haiti.

    So today I will start with number 10. The order doesn’t really matter, it’s just my top ten, and perhaps you can also send me your reasons why we should have a place with the sole purpose of creating better leaders for Haiti.

    So, at number 10 is doers.  We need doers, people who will create opportunities in Haiti not only for themselves but for others. It’s evident that our children are being raised with a consumer mindset and unfortunately even the few with opportunities and abilities are being raised in the same way.

    This is why you hear a lot about lack of opportunities in Haiti, because we don’t inspire our children to be opportunity creators. Our children are raised and educated to wait for opportunities. It’s time we change that!

    Now, I understand not everyone will be an opportunity creator, but we must find ways to instill in our children that opportunities don’t just happen, they are created, and we believe in their ability to create opportunities right where they are, in their country. 

    So the leadership campus will be a place to get their creative juices flowing, equip them with the tools and leadership skills they need to move from the consumer mindset to being doers.

    I am counting on your contribution to make it happen. Let’s create the next generation of leaders to help transform Haiti.

    Here are the different ways you can Give: – On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/donate/330534200793992/

    On the Give platform https://goo.gl/SjLFwv

    You can use the cash app or Zelle using this email to find us info@colorofhope.org or send a text message to 561-877-1264

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