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Spirit of Solidarity with Haiti

    On January 12th, although we cannot all physically be together in the same place at the same time, we will all be united in spirit around a common cause. That day, across town, people everywhere will gather to form circles of solidarity and take a moment of silence for Haiti wearing the same “Unity T-shirt” that presents a unified message from a united community in remembrance of the devastating earthquake.

    Additionally, for every T-shirt sold a solar light will be donated to a child in Haiti to enable him/her to study during the night hours. You can be a hero for a child in Haiti, please help us light the path of Haiti’s future leaders.

    Unity T-shirt


    Female or Male T-shirt


    The “Spirit of Solidarity with Haiti” Continues on Saturday, January 14th when Local officials, nonprofit organizations, student organizations, and volunteers all throughout South Florida join together for the second Annual Tri-County Save Haiti Bike Ride. We will kick off the ride in Lake Park in memory of Lake Park’s Mayor, Desca DuBois, a great friend of our community who passed away in April this year and end at the Little Haiti Cultural Center where we will unite in music with upcoming Haitian musicians offering the rhythm of Haiti and setting the tone for a year of progress for the country.. Read more


    Donate to 1000 Solar Lights for Haiti Campaign


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