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My Trip to Haiti

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Ambassador Marli In Aquin HaitiThis past week, I traveled with fellow hope agents and ambassadors to Haiti. Right out of the airport we hopped into a taptap immersing ourselves into the Port-au-Prince experience, ready to work. Day one, we visited the center (currently under construction) and fully appreciated walking the rough steep inclines treaded regularly by our team mates in Haiti.

We met the construction workers, assessed and discussed what needed to get done and set hard goals. In the midst of all that, I managed to get a personal fashion show, click here to check it out. I also expanded my Creole vocabulary and learned what a “gren 5” is. Day two greeted me with the earsplitting choral of roosters who set the tone for the short nights and pre-dawn rises that awaited us for the rest of our stay. Every day after that brought unforgettable encounters and experiences.

I spent time with one of the most beautiful and incredible women in our team heart to heart and I’m now so proud to call her my friend. I was embraced by joyous children who spoke their mind and once again demonstrated to me how much all children, no matter where they are born are the same, pure, precious and wonderful. It reinforced my belief that given proper nurturing and opportunity our Haitian children will thrive and lead not only in the prosperity of their country but in that of the world.

Hope Agent Jean Yves and others at work

During this trip, I felt a warmth and comfort I had never before felt in Haiti. There was a fraternity that allowed our group in Haiti to express their gratitude for the knowledge we were passing on without any stifling pride or resentment. I saw how open minded our US team was and how much respect and appreciation they expressed. I saw capable Haitians from various walks of life working together and we all came out wiser and closer to one another. That completely blew me away.

Ambassador Marli at work building the Hope & Innovation Center

We are building a center for the things that are at the center of all of our hearts, our future and our children. We want our children to know what they are worth and we won’t stop until we revive our fanm ak gason vayan.

Hope Agent Suze and LounaTo the hope team who made this trip so special, Thank you! Thank you for the hard work, thank you for the courage, thank you for the love. I give it back to you ten times over as we continue on this journey of hope.

View more photos from the trip at the links below:

Hope Team in Aquin

Working Together

Building Together

Celebrate Together


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I know that Haiti needs me

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I want to be a hope ambassador because Haiti needs me.  Over the years we’ve all heard about the loads of money that have been given to Haiti, the slew of aid that came through and the plethora of well-meaning plans from various diplomats and individuals that have been presented but Haiti is still worse off than it ever was for its children.  Why? Because we, as children of Haiti, have not realized that what Haiti needs, right now, is us, at our best.

Haiti Hope Ambassador to be Marli Lalanne

I know that Haiti needs me. I am the secret ingredient to my country’s salvation.  I am here not to point out the problems but to work towards the solutions, not to complain but to contribute.  Becoming an ambassador will help put ME first for Haiti as I work side by side with others to garner the money and resources we need to be effective.  Color of Hope challenges us to raise one Million dollars for Haiti and offers us transparency as well as an input in what that money will achieve for our country.  I put my hard earned money and precious time into meeting the Diaspora Million dollar challenge.  I put myself into making Haiti the kind of place my children can grow up in and I urge you to do the same because Haiti also needs you and it needs us working together, trusting each other and loving our nation with actions to survive.

You can take action by contributing to my ambassadorship and in doing so helping us raise 1 Million dollars for Haiti within the Diaspora, sending a message of hope to our fellow Haitians in Haiti being part of an undeniable testament of power and ownership from the Haitian Diaspora.  Every little bit helps and adds up.  Give as much as you can and don’t be afraid to give too little.  To become an ambassador yourself email [email protected]

Thank you so much

Help me Marli become a Hope Ambassador for Haiti



Much Love

Marli – Future Hope Ambassador


Great things happen when overused adages like “men anpil chay pa lou” and “L’union fait la force” are applied. I embarked on this journey to be an ambassador for Haiti because I really needed to count amongst the people who do something about what they care about, no matter how difficult it may seem at first. We will never succeed in changing Haiti if we never even try and now is the time to take action. Your contribution to the Diaspora Million dollar challenge and trust in this positive collective action for Haiti is truly remarkable and I thank you for taking a step many others need to take. You are indispensable for Haiti’s recovery and rebuild into the amazing nation we can all be proud of.

Thanks to you and the over 50 of my friends that have contributed to the Haitian Diaspora Million Dollar challenge through donating to my ambassadorship, I am now just $895 shy of becoming a hope ambassador for Haiti. Check me out https://colorofhope.org/site/haiti_hope_ambassadors/ Thanks again and I look forward to continuing this journey with you.



Help me Marli become a Hope Ambassador for Haiti