I Stand With Haiti Fund

Give and let’s consolidate our resources in order to maximize our impact in Haiti. Through the I Stand With Haiti Fund, we hope to share and expand our knowledge on most effective methods of collaboration.
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  • $1,000,000.00 Goal
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About the Campaign

We seek to foster the spirit of collaboration by creating a space of open dialogue, inclusion, and activism. The fruits of this labor will further our community agenda through the creation and maintenance of Centers throughout Haiti.

Color of Hope seeks to be a powerful symbol of collaboration and open dialogue both in the Haitian diaspora as well as Haiti. The campaign will isolate three key dynamics in the community, and advocate for: *generational inclusion between old and young in the Haitian community *cultural sensitivity between Haitians from different socio-economical background. *Promoting the spirit of community service in the Haitian community.

Goal: Mobilize the Haitian Diaspora to pull together its resources to assist more effectively in Haiti.

Objective: Consolidate our resources in order to maximize our impact. Engage the Haitian diaspora youth in transforming  Haiti. Improve the Haitian diaspora’s effectiveness in Haiti. Unify and organize our individual efforts in order to avoid duplication.