I am asking for your help to establish the Technical Training Program at the Leadership Campus in Haiti. This program will provide quality technical training and help our youth develop 21st century skills, provide access to internships and great mentors.
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A place to inspire and create the leaders of tomorrow, the leaders Haiti needs to be transformed. Ann bati premye kanmpis pou kreye bon jan lidè pou Ayiti.
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The Haitian Diaspora in France is one of the oldest and most resilient groups of Haitian expats in the world. They are about 90,000 strong today and the collective power of their Euros put to the service of their mother land, would be a game changer for Haiti. Ann kontribye ansanm pou n ede chanje Ayiti tout bon vre.
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With the largest concentration of Haitians in the U.S., upwards of 300,000, the potential impact of Haitian Floridians on Haiti cannot be overstated. Let us, this powerful and rich group of Haitians, take ownership and complement our love for Haiti with concerted resources and common vision for lasting change. Ayiti miyò a pap ka bati san nou. Kontribye pou ede nou òganize n, epi ansanm n ap kanpe pou Ayiti.
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New York is home to the second largest population of Haitians and Haitian-Americans in the US. They are a bold and diverse group but Haiti brings them together. Harnessing the power and resources of the Haitian New Yorkers for Haiti would make an impact that would be felt for generations to come. Imajine Ayisyen nan New York deside bay $25 pa mwa pou ede Ayiti? Lè a rive pou n òganize nou.
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The Haitian Diaspora in Canada is 140,000 strong, with a diverse and well-represented community in Montreal. The collective action of this group can make waves in the movement to transform Haiti. Be part of the movement by making your contribution today. Ayiti bezwen tout pitit li yo pou ede l vinn bèl ankò. Kanpe pou Ayiti!
  • 0.05% Funded
  • $500.00 Pledged