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  1. Today, you can contribute to a vision that fuels future generations, opening eyes, minds and hearts to the potential they have within to transform Haiti. GIVE to EMPOWER the next generation of leaders. #InvestInPeople  #MindsetReset
    • 6.51% Funded
    • $4,103.00 Pledged
  2. We all have sadly seen the devastation of the August 14 earthquake in Haiti and we know the hardship and suffering will continue beyond the first few days and weeks. Our team seeks to provide resources, through our existing initiatives, directly to areas affected by the earthquake. We hope you will consider partnering with us to serve the people after search and rescue.
  3. Kreyòl se lang ki konekte tout Ayisyen, men malerezman se yon lang neglije ak meprize. Nou vle chanje sa, paske KREYÒL se yon ENPERATIF pou yon BÈL AYITI; Ayiti nou tout anvi wè a. Kontribisyon w ap ede nou ankouraje ak kreye materyèl an Kreyòl. L ap ede lòt inisyativ  tankou, Ayiti Li, Diksyone ak lòt k ap ede lang manman nou an pwogrese.  
    • 8.64% Funded
    • $1,210.00 Pledged
  4. Rekonsilyasyon se pi GWO kado nou ka bay peyi nou e pi BON eritaj pou jenerasyon k ap vini an. An Envesti nan Tèt Ansanm ak Lapè pou Ayiti ka pwogrese. Kontribye pou ede n Rekonsilye!
    • 93.84% Funded
    • $6,569.00 Pledged
  5. I am asking for your help to establish the Technical Training Program at the Leadership Campus in Haiti. This program will provide quality technical training and help our youth develop 21st century skills, provide access to internships and great mentors.
    • 7.76% Funded
    • $3,878.00 Pledged
  6. A place to inspire and create the leaders of tomorrow. The leaders Haiti needs to be transformed. An n bati premye kanpis pou kreye bon jan lidè pou peyi nou Ayiti.
    • 10.97% Funded
    • $109,719.18 Pledged

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