1. We all have sadly seen the devastation of the August 14 earthquake in Haiti and we know the hardship and suffering will continue beyond the first few days and weeks. Our team seeks to provide resources, through our existing initiatives, directly to areas affected by the earthquake. We hope you will consider partnering with us to serve the people after search and rescue.
  2. Rekonsilyasyon se pi GWO kado nou ka bay peyi nou e pi BON eritaj pou jenerasyon k ap vini an. An Envesti nan Tèt Ansanm ak Lapè pou Ayiti ka pwogrese. Kontribye pou ede n Rekonsilye!
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  3. Research shows that mindset is important for success. 9 out 10 Haitians believe Haiti’s #1 problem is the mindset. Join me to provide the types of thinking needed for long term success. Let’s solve Haiti’s #1 problem.
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    We are so excited to kick off the 2017 I Stand with Haiti Campaign. A campaign to raise awareness and support for our work here and in Haiti. Be part of the 1804 donors we need.
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