New York Stands With Haiti

New York is home to the second largest population of Haitians and Haitian-Americans in the US. They are a bold and diverse group but Haiti brings them together. Harnessing the power and resources of the Haitian New Yorkers for Haiti would make an impact that would be felt for generations to come. Imajine Ayisyen nan New York deside bay $25 pa mwa pou ede Ayiti? Lè a rive pou n òganize nou.
New York Stands with Haiti
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About the Campaign

New York             

New York City especially Flatbush, East Flatbush and Springfield Gardens, is home to a thriving Haitian-American community with the second largest population of Haitians of any state in the nation.

New York Haitians stand with Haiti
Vil New York, espesyalman Flatbush, East Flatbush ak Springfield Gardens, w ap jwenn anpil Ayisyen k ap bouje.  Apre Florid, se la w ap jwenn plis Ayisyen nan Etazini.

In addition to many influential political and professional figures in the state, Haitian-Americans are also very well represented in the artistic realm of this ultimate cosmopolis.

New York diaspora stand with Haiti
Gen anpil tèt politik nan New York e Ayisyen-Ameriken yo byen reprezante nan domèn atistik nan New York.

NY is today the home of legendary songstress Emeline Michel and convenes thousands of Haitians every year for festivals showcasing our pride and vibrancy.

Emeline Michel - Diaspora stand with Haiti
Nan New York  w ap jwenn de gwo vedèt Ayisyen tankou Emeline Michel e chak ane kominote Ayisyen nan pran lari a pou yo nan festival pou selebre fiyète Ayisyen yo.

“I stand With Haiti” is an initiative to collectively help transform Haiti from inside out. “Kanpe Pou Ayiti” se yon inisyativ pou nou transfòme Ayiti nan tout entegralite’l.

When you give you are helping  to raise and empower the next generation of Haitians. Kontribisyon w ap ede ranfòse yon lòt jenerasyon lidè Ayisyen.