Join Ambassador Portia in gifting education

Research shows education is a key factor for advancement but unfortunately more than 500,000 Haitian children have never set foot in school according to Ministry of Education.
Give access to books to children in Haiti
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About the Campaign

I want to give educational opportunities and materials to children to help them become assets to their country.

In response to the devastating earthquake of  January 12, 2010, my husband and I organized efforts providing emergency and disaster relief.  Many years later, our determination and support are strong as ever.

Teaching youth to type

Through generous support and dedication, we have built the first center that provides youth and adults a place to develop 21st century skills that will inspire future education and career choices.

I saw first hand the impact of the programs and initiatives Color of Hope provides and I want to continue our work.

teaching kids math with fun app

Every dollar you donate means reading time, books or school supplies for the people of Haiti.