France Stands With Haiti

The Haitian Diaspora in France is one of the oldest and most resilient groups of Haitian expats in the world. They are about 90,000 strong today and the collective power of their Euros put to the service of their mother land, would be a game changer for Haiti. Ann kontribye ansanm pou n ede chanje Ayiti tout bon vre.
France Stands With Haiti
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About the Campaign


The brutal enslavement of Africans and ruthless exploitation of Haiti’s land resulted in long lasting wealth for France.  In the 18th Century Haiti was known as the most profitable colony of the French empire.

Haitians in France stand for Haiti
Eksplwatasyon ak esklavaj sovaj Afriken sou tè d Ayiti rapòte anpil richès pou Lafrans ki pou jis jounen jodi ap benefisye sa. Nan 18è syèk Ayiti te kolony ki te rapote pi plis richès pou Lafrans.

As the French influence persists in Haiti so is the Haitian impact on France undeniable, especially when it comes to the gifts bestowed by its talented children.  For example, legendary French author, Alexandre Dumas, is of Haitian descent.

Diaspora in France stands for Haiti
Menm jan enflyans Fransè a pèsiste an Ayiti, se konsa tou Ayisyen make Lafrans ak pitit li yo ki chaje a talan. Pa egzanp, ekriven lejandè Fransè a ki rele Alexandre Dumas se Ayiti k rasin li.

Today, the Haitian diaspora population in France is estimated at 90,000 and has gifted talented athletes, artists and experts in all disciplines to the country.

Ayisyen An Frans Kanpe Pou Ayiti
Jodia, dyaspora Ayisyen an an Frans estime a 90,000 e pami yo w ap jwenn bon jan spòmann, atis ak ekspè nan tout disiplin.

“I stand With Haiti” is an initiative to collectively help transform Haiti from inside out. “Kanpe Pou Ayiti” se yon inisyativ pou nou transfòme Ayiti nan tout entegralite’l

When you give you are helping  to raise and empower the next generation of Haitians. Kontribisyon w ap ede ranfòse yon lòt jenerasyon lidè Ayisyen.