Florida Stands With Haiti

With the largest concentration of Haitians in the U.S., upwards of 300,000, the potential impact of Haitian Floridians on Haiti cannot be overstated. Let us, this powerful and rich group of Haitians, take ownership and complement our love for Haiti with concerted resources and common vision for lasting change. Ayiti miyò a pap ka bati san nou. Kontribye pou ede nou òganize n, epi ansanm n ap kanpe pou Ayiti.
Florida Stands With Haiti
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About the Campaign


With the largest concentration of Haitian-Americans in the US, upwards of 300,000, it’s no wonder the sunshine state has become a prime destination for experiencing Haitian culture off the island.

Florid se kote w ap jwenn plis Ayisyen Ozetazini, li depase 300,000.  Se la w ap ka viv yon eksperyans Ayisyen menmsi w pa an Ayiti.

Home of acclaimed Haitian writer Edwidge Dandicat and many renown visual artists, the Haitian imprint is indelible in Florida.  South Florida notably boasts a mecca of Haitian culinary venues and attractions, many in the North Miami area and in the aptly named Little Haiti neighborhood.

Haitians in Florida stand with Haiti
Se la tou w ap jwenn ekriven renome tankou Edwidge Dandicat e anpil lòt kokenchenn atis ki kite anprent yo sou Florid.  Sid Florid la an patikilye jwi de anpil restoran ak atraksyon Ayisyen sitou nan zòn North Miami ak zòn ki leve non Ayiti a (Little Haiti.)

“I stand With Haiti” is an initiative to collectively help transform Haiti from inside out. “Kanpe Pou Ayiti” se yon inisyativ pou nou transfòme Ayiti nan tout entegralite’l.

When you give you are helping  to raise and empower the next generation of Haitians. Kontribisyon w ap ede ranfòse yon lòt jenerasyon lidè Ayisyen.