Canada Stands with Haiti

The Haitian Diaspora in Canada is 140,000 strong, with a diverse and well-represented community in Montreal. The collective action of this group can make waves in the movement to transform Haiti. Be part of the movement by making your contribution today. Ayiti bezwen tout pitit li yo pou ede l vinn bèl ankò. Kanpe pou Ayiti!
Canada Stands with Haiti
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About the Campaign

The Haitian population in Canada has swelled up to approximately 140,000 since they began immigrating to the country in the 1960s.

Aysyen nan Kanada
Popilasyon Ayisyen nan Kanada monte nan 140,000. Ayisyen komanse debake nan Kanada depi nan ane 1960 yo. N’ap jwenn fòs kominote Ayisyen an nan Montreal espesyalman nan zòn Riviere des Prairies, Montreal Nord, Pointe aux Trembles, St. Leonard ak Anjou.

Vibrant communities of Haitian descendants and expats can be found across Montreal especially in Riviere des Prairies, Montreal Nord, Pointe aux Trembles, St. Leonard and Anjou to name a few.

Ayisyen nan Kanada
Anpil Ayisyen eksepsyonèl rele Kanada kay yo, e yo se yon fiyète pou peyi sa a poutèt talan yo ak sa ke yo akonpli nan domèn atizana, syans ak literati, tankou Dany Laferrière ki se sèl Kanadyen ki rive vin manm Akademi Fransè a.

Many exceptional Haitian minds, that have made Canada their home, have brought honor and prestige to the nation with their talent and accomplishments internationally in the realm of arts, science and literature, notably Dany Laferrière, the sole Canadian member of the Académie Française.

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“I stand With Haiti” is an initiative to collectively help transform Haiti from inside out. “Kanpe Pou Ayiti” se yon inisyativ pou nou transfòme Ayiti nan tout entegralite’l.

When you give you are helping  to raise and empower the next generation of Haitians. Kontribisyon w ap ede ranfòse yon lòt jenerasyon lidè Ayisyen.