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Run, Walk or Ride for Haiti

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The Save Haiti Bike Ride event is getting bigger and better. This year, the event will start with a run – 12 Laps for Haiti. The run starts at 7AM on Saturday January 14th, at Jaco Pastorious Park in Oakland Park. The run is symbolic in remembrance of the January 12, 2010 earthquake.

Run and walk for Haiti

Each runner can choose what he/she is running for. Here are some of the things you can run for:

Better Public Schools, Political Stability, Better Infrastructure, Civic Engagement, Revival of Agriculture, Restavek, Sanitation, Haiti’s Sovereignty, Women’s Rights, STEM Education, Literacy, Gender Equality, Workers’ Rights, Better Healthcare, Girls Empowerment, Clean Water, Mentorship, Electricity, Access to Information and more.

Health and Fitness Instructor/Race Director, Widlin Dieu-juste will warm up participants with a zumba session with music by DJ Francois. The top three runners (people who finish the race) will receive prizes.

You can also do a “12/10 for Haiti” – That is; run 12 laps and bike 10 miles. There are also the “12/20 for Haiti” and “12/30 for Haiti’ to test your fitness level. Will you run, bike or do both? You tell us.

The run is a collaboration with J.U.S.T.E INC AKA Juste Do It 5k Run/Walk

After the run, our bikers will take the road to raise awareness throughout the streets, with stops in Boca at Mizner, in Delray at Veteran Park, then we will join the public at Bryant Park in Lake Worth for the Finish Line Celebration with live performances by Zeal Dubreus, Darly Dieujuste and others. DJ Tony will keep the crowd on its feet.

If you can run, run for Haiti, if you can bike, bike for Haiti, if you just want to have fun, join us at the finish line celebration and stand with Haiti.

Join us as we promote a more active and healthy lifestyle. This run is free and open to all ages. Feel free to invite your family, friends and bring the kids. We provide different pace options to accommodate for all -participants. You will not be left behind.

To sign up for the run/walk click HERE 

To sign up for the ride or both (run & ride) click HERE


Full Event Schedule – Participants can join us at any one of the stops.

Saturday, January 14, 2017
7:15 AM – Zumba/12 Laps for Haiti – Jaco Pastorious Park
9:00 AM – Bikers depart from Jaco Pastorious Park
10:15 PM – Rest Stop #2 Mizner – Boca
11:30 PM – Depart from Mizner
12:30 PM – Rest Stop #3 Veterans Park – Delray
1:45 PM – Depart from Veterans Park
2:45 PM – Arrive at Lake Worth Bryant Park – Finish Line Celebration

Register For The 2017 Save Haiti Bike Ride

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Registration is closed for this event.
For more information or questions, please email:

Take The “I Stand with Haiti Pledge”

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I will put the collective before self. I will not engage in drive-by-charity, instead I will contribute my talent, resources and knowledge to help transform Haiti from the inside out. I understand this will not be easy and will take time, but I am committed to leave a better Haiti than what I found. So help me God! | Mwen jire pou'm kanpe pou Ayiti. M'ap mete interè komen anvan interè pèsonèl. Mwen pap angaje nan charite frivòl, men pito, M'ap itilize talan'm, resous ak konesans mwen pou transfòme Ayiti nan tout integralite'l. Mwen konprann sa pap fasil e sa ap pran tan, men mwen sèmante pou'm kite deyè yon Ayiti miyò. Ke Bondye ede'm!

7th Annual Save Haiti Bike Ride 1.14.17

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Register for the Save Haiti Bike Ride now

Next January marks the 7th Annual Save Haiti Bike Ride and we would love for you to join us. Mark your calendar for January 14, 2017 for a fun, challenging and uplifting event.


Besides getting in great shape and having fun, the 2017 Save Haiti Bike Ride will serve as the official kick-off for the “I Stand With Haiti” campaign, an initiative to restore and sustain the lives of those affected by hurricane Matthew, the flooding in Cap-Haitien and to continue to invest in those who are still struggling to recover from the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.


The event begins in Broward and ends in Palm Beach County at the beautiful Bryant Park on the Intracoastal Waterway in Lake Worth. The event will conclude with live music, vendors, fun activities for children and adults alike and a special tribute to Martin Luther King. If you are more of a casual rider, no worries, you do not have to do the entire ride. You can choose to ride your city, county or just a few miles. So, get ready… get set… start training!


Wait!!! One more thing. There are ways you can ensure that the 7th Annual Save Haiti Bike Ride is a success and that more children and families are empowered with education in Haiti


Below are a few ways you can help even if you are not a rider:

– Make a donation to help us meet our fundraising goal

Donate Now

– Stand with Haiti and start a fundraising page to help. Take the #IstandwithHaiti pledge
– Refer a sponsor
– Volunteer for the event (Click Here)Please give us a call if you have any questions or if there are other ways you can help 561-877-1264. Click here to email us

Let’s Talk Haiti after Matthew

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Let’s talk #Haiti after #hurricane #Matthew. Where do we go from here? How to avoid the mistakes made after the 2010 earthquake. What can we do to truly help Haiti?#lstandwithHaiti

The community forum is scheduled for Saturday November 12, 2016 from 3pm to 5pm at the Delray Beach public library. It’s free and open to the public. If your group/org would like to present during the forum please call 561 877-1264 or email


Help 100 Teachers in Haiti

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Teachers often go months without pay and face shortages in educational materials and supplies. Be part of the 100 people who help 100 teachers in Haiti with a contribution of a $100.


After the hurricane many teachers find themselves in tougher conditions than before. The funds will help provide kits with materials/supplies they need and other form of support including professional development training.  As a token of our appreciation, we’ll send you the “I Stand With Haiti” beautiful t-shirt.

Add your name to the list of those who empower teachers to help improve education in Haiti.

The People below stand with teachers in Haiti.
*Monia Gagliodi
*Natacha Jean-Louis
*Winston Davis
*Georgia Bryant
*Jessica L. Aguilar
*Argentin Fils-aime
Claude Hitchcock 
*Dori Gorman
*Sonja Powell
*Colin Davis

Donate button

Get your “I Stand With Haiti” T-shirt

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Get the official I Stand With Haiti t-shirt and show your solidarity with the people of Haiti. Make a contribution of $35 or more and we’ll send you one red/blue. For a contribution of $100 or more we’ll send you the beautiful black I Stand With Haiti Shirt. Remember to include the note. “I would like an official I Stand With Haiti shirt” Click on shirt to make your contribution.

I Stand With Haiti Black T-shirt I Stand With Haiti blue T-shirt I Stand With Haiti red T-shirt

Help Aquin

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Haiti Hurricane Relief

Color of Hope is empowering individuals to help their home town in Haiti. This is part of the “I Stand With Haiti,  an initiative to restore and sustain the lives of those affected by hurricane Matthew. See message below from Dr. Assade Luxin and Herold Figareau natives of Aquin who are raising support to help the town.

“We’re teaming up with the wonderful people of “Color of Hope” to help rebuild the city of Aquin, Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. We want to provide materials to rebuild roofs and to put fishermen back to work. The hurricane left thousands homeless. Many homes are left without roofs, fishermen lost their fishing equipments including their boats and canoes. PLEASE DONATE TODAY!”

Click here to see Facebook fundraising page and progress 

I Stand With Haiti

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Donate Button

If not you, then who? If not now, then when? #Haiti needs you.

It’s unfortunate to learn that the death toll from #Hurricane #Matthew in Haiti has surpassed 800.  We are raising awareness and support to help provide relief.

I Stand With Haiti” is an initiative to restore and sustain the lives of those affected by hurricane Matthew. Click here to take the “I Stand With Haiti Pledge

Our work in Haiti is 80% transformational, which means we are always working. We aid in natural disaster relief and ensure that the long term impact is also considered. Our experience during the 2010 earthquake and our ongoing efforts on the ground, have equipped us to be much more efficient and get the help directly to those in need.

We have some supplies in storage and people on the ground ready to go. Any funds donated to Hurricane Matthew relief will be used to purchase necessities directly from Haitians, to support  business in Haiti. The people of Haiti have been suffering ever since the earthquake. It hasn’t stopped. Please show your support #IstandWithHaiti

You can add the frame to your facebook profile to show your support by clicking on the link below

President Obama Should Visit Haiti – #First2First

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Let me start off with this. If president Obama, the first black president of the United States of America. The first black president of the free world, finished his two consecutive terms and did not visit the First Black independent nation in the western half of the world, the birth place of the first and only successful slave revolt, it would be a shame, a real shame.

Though I am not sure who the shame would be on, Obama or us, the one thing I know for sure is that, it would be very disappointing for History to be written that way. It would be a real blow to know that from 1804 to 1862,The United States refused to recognize Haiti’s independence, for no reason other than that it was a group of black people who wanted freedom, a group of black people who believed in equality; and now, fast forward to 2008 to 2016…. for the first BLACK president of these same United States of America not to even acknowledge or recognize Haiti’s contribution to the fight for freedom in the world, would be another slap in the face for black people everywhere. And it always stings a little more when it’s your own people hurting you. I know that history repeats itself but that repetition is one I can’t stomach and I hope we can avoid it.

Ok. now that I have gotten this off my chest. Let me, talk a little bit to some of you who may not be sure about the idea or perhaps not see the importance of a SITTING President Obama’s visit to Haiti. You may say; visiting Haiti… right now is not the time. Look we don’t even have a legit government. We couldn’t organize elections. Who will Mr. Obama meet with anyway?

Those are all fair questions. But, there are a couple of things I would like for you to think about… you know, as President Obama is nearing the end of his final term, he’s in what people call, legacy building stage, to not consider a visit to the first black republic as something of historical significance has to make us wonder. It should push us to at least look in the mirror and ask the question, have we  (and by we I don’t mean just Haitian politicians) have we rendered our powerful and amazing history and legacy worthless?

Or perhaps should the shame be on Mr. Obama for failing to realize the importance of Haiti’s history and to understand that not only would his legacy be missing something of value, but he would also be judged by history for ignoring that.

Take the "I Stand With Haiti Pledge"

Take the “I Stand With Haiti Pledge”

Listen, Haiti has always been in the national media mainly for unflattering or depressing reasons, like a disaster or a coup. These things have kept many Americans from learning about the people of Haiti, including our own black brothers and sisters. Our dysfunctional relationship with the Black American community stems from that.

They have very little opportunity to learn simple facts about who we are. Things like how in the 1820s Haiti facilitated the migration of thousands of Black Americans seeking refuge from racial oppression. So many black Americans, young and old, are simply unaware of our history together as a people. A visit from the president could help introduce them to Haiti’s history instead of its misery and that could be the start of much better relationships with our black brothers and sisters in America.

And for those who may be prideful and say; we don’t need Obama to tell the world of our history or Obama has not done anything for Haiti, well, that…, can be said of many of us. and I am not sure if he owes us anything but he should at the very least acknowledge this important milestone in black history. And another thing, while some of us Haitians here in the US have enough pride to fill a bucket, don’t you think the people of Haiti can use a little pick me up?

A small reminder that they matter, matter enough for a visit from the president of the United States not because there’s been a coup and he is bringing back the ousted president, or because there has been a disaster of epic proportion and people have pity on them but because America’s leader respects their history.

I see the presence of the First Black President of the United States in Haiti as a MUST. Just imagine what this could do for the youth. It would bring 1804 to the present, and inspire true hope to our youth ..both at home and abroad.

Mr. President,…After the 2010 earthquake, you promised the Haitian people that they would not be forgotten or forsaken. One critical way to fulfill this promise is by traveling to Haiti this year. Haiti, at one point in History was a beacon of Hope, the people of Haiti provided Hope to all blacks and helped to liberate many. Your presence in the country, in my opinion will provide to our young people, something that no measure of foreign aid can accomplish. It would start restoring dignity, confidence and hope. This is an opportunity to acknowledge the people who have fought so hard for the very same causes you champion; liberty, equality, and hope.

Going to Haiti may not be the political thing to do, but it’s certainly the right thing to do. I know Haiti is like a diamond in the rough,I have to admit, it even looks senseless at times. But I believe President Obama should go and pay his respects to the people of Haiti who are still paying the price for Having had the AUDACITY to want to be free.

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