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Haiti faces shortages in educational materials and supplies. The lack of supplies can be attributed to the reasons many children do not attend school.
  • 6.20% Funded
  • $310.00 Pledged
  • 82 Days Left
As you know I spend a lot of time in Haiti these days and getting around has become a huge task for our team and slows us down. We desperately need a car.
  • 42.67% Funded
  • $4,267.39 Pledged
  • 8 Days Left
According to UNESCO Institute for Statistics, more than 260 Million children and youth are not enrolled in school. More than 500,000 of those children are in Haiti.
  • 2.00% Funded
  • $100.00 Pledged
  • 81 Days Left
Research shows education is a key factor for advancement but unfortunately more than 500,000 Haitian children have never set foot in school according to Ministry of Education.
I am a strong believer in the notion of giving is loving. Show your love no matter how small
  • 0.77% Funded
  • $20.00 Pledged
  • 82 Days Left
Research shows that mindset is important for success. 9 out 10 Haitians believe Haiti’s #1 problem is the mindset. Join me to provide the types of thinking needed for long term success. Let’s solve Haiti’s #1 problem.

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