Community and Family Empowerment Center

Centers to empower families and communities in Haiti



The plan to address the reconstruction of Haiti after the devastating earthquake of January 2010 will not be complete if we don’t address the urgent need for quality education, access to educational opportunities for children and adults alike, community partnerships and self-empowerment opportunities to ensure that the citizens of Haiti are equipped to take charge of their own destiny. Knowledge is power, but more powerful is the application of the knowledge gained.

The Community and Family Empowerment Centers are built to fulfill this critical task: engage families and communities in Haiti and abroad to come together, plan together, build together, collaborate with each other, support each other, sustain themselves and finally celebrate their success together. Equitable standards of support, qualified staff, cutting-edge technology, exceptional educational resources, sound collaborative agreements, and full participation of the families and communities are among the tools that will be used to ensure provision of quality services.

The Community and Family Empowerment Centers (CFEC) are multi-functional facilities that will provide opportunities for individuals to elevate themselves via a truly supportive education, business and health-oriented environment. Each Center is comprised of four (4) components: the Educational component, the Business Development component, the Community Hall and the Recreational Component. This is ideal for our struggling communities lacking a quality education, technology, self-entrepreneurship support, resources, and safety. This facility is designed to stimulate economic development and offer a wide range of opportunities for the local community to tap into and contribute to. Sustainability is a big factor in the planning of such a project therefore ensuring the participation of everyone is key to attain this goal. Individuals trained in this center will be ready and able to compete in the local and international market and take charge of the good functioning of this center once established. We believe that these centers will bring about solutions to address the needs of affordable education to include early childhood education and after school programs, job placement, career counseling, business development services, recreation, advanced technology, improved communications, and family/community self-sufficiency.

The Community and Family Empowerment Centers, designed as a model of instruction, training, support and collaboration for the Haitian community and the Diaspora will provide a variety of resources and opportunities including but not limited to the services described below:


1) For the Children of Haiti

  • Comprehensive child development services
  • Child care and respite care
  • A library to support educational enrichment
  • After care services to children enrolled in schools
  • Summer activities to maintain and enrich the learning experience
  • A safe learning environment
  • Opportunity for parents to work and/or volunteer
  • Emergency shelter


2) For the Youth of Haiti

  • A homeroom environment where they can do their homework
  • A safe environment for  supervised team sports, arts activities
  • Health support and education (i.e. Health Fair, Disease Prevention, HIV/AIDS)
  • Increase access to technology
  • Opportunities to learn a trade
  • Opportunities for employment and/or volunteerism
  • Emergency shelter


3) For the Adults of Haiti

  • Opportunities for employment and/or volunteerism
  • Adult education classes
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Workforce development
  • Women empowerment projects
  • Increased parent involvement
  • Health support and education (i.e. Health Fair, HIV/AIDS, Disease Prevention)
  • Emergency shelter


4) For the Haitian Diaspora

  • A liaison office to support  needed services in Haiti
  • Opportunities for employment
  • Opportunities for small business ventures
  • Opportunities to support the Haitian community in a structured and systematic way
  • Enhanced working relationship with the Haitian Government


5) Emergency Services

  • Shelter in case of emergencies and/or disasters
  • Training and creation of a corps of emergency prepared individuals
  • A safe and confidential record keeping center maintained electronically
  • A system to keep families in contact in case of emergency

There is an urgent need to address the disparity in quality of education and access to educational opportunities for children and adults in Haiti.

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